This last Thurday's edition of The News Review hosted an editorial from The Bulletin, headed "It's time voters draft a wish list for Oregon's legislators."

As for me, I wish the elected representatives in Oregon's House and Senate would stay at their posts and do the job they were elected to do. Running away from the people's business is childish, disrespectful, dishonest and devoid of honor.

John Aschim


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This article illustrates that walkouts are a tactic used by the minority party in the legislature. Dems used it when they were in the minority. I don't think any legislators choose this tactic lightly, but there comes a point when it is supported and sometimes demanded by the majority of their supporters and constituents. What choice do they really have? Especially, when they are often shut out of the process. To me, that is doing their job whether they are D or R, red or blue, conservative or liberal. If Covid has taught us anything, it is that work can get done regardless of whether you are on the Senate/House floor or even in the Capitol building. If Dems don't like the tactic, they have the supermajority, can't they change it? Or maybe they don't want to, but want to just use it as a weapon on both sides of the balance of power? Unfortunately, that's just politics. If people could be more reasonable, limit the power and authority of government and tenured legislators, while avoiding main stream media/social media, we would be so much better off.


Just to be clear: It's the GOP that has adopted the tactic of running away in order to deny a quorum and stop business whenever there's an issue they don't like under discussion. The Reactionary Right in Oregon seems to be getting more extreme every year.


The tactics and reactionary extremes on both sides are bad. Honestly, how do you only see the one side?


What makes you think I see only one side? There are extremes on both sides. But right now, in this moment in history, one of these things is not like the other. The once proud GOP of Oregon has been so taken over by the reactionary right that it put out a statement calling the January 6 capitol insurrection a "false flag event" meant to discredit the GOP. That's off the charts. I do my best to view my conservative friends and family members with fairness and understanding. Most are incredibly decent people. Unfortunately, the official party leadership is running amok. I reserve the right to call them the reactionary right. I do not believe they represent true conservative teaching and beliefs any more than anarchists represent true liberal teachings and beliefs. I would certainly like to see more registered Republicans telling the state GOP to get their stuff together because this conspiracy nonsense is not a good look.


I agree completely. Much earlier my suggestion was that any legislator who walks out of a session vote, akin to going AWOL in that their whereabouts are usually undisclosed, be automatically expelled from their elected position. And further that the State informs their district they no longer have representation and must foot the bill for whatever method they use to replace elected representation. I also stated that any legislator who walks out, refusing to their job be permanently banned from holding an elected office in Oregon. Mine is definitely a "if we elect you, we expect you" attitude when it comes to re-educating state politicians they are civil servants of all who they represent.

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