I sat in stunned disbelief as I read the front-page headline article of The News-Review (The growing debate over ivermectin, Sept. 1). I had just returned from a week’s vacation and was catching up on local news, only to find myself the focus of it. The article quoted a passage written by myself, found on Evergreen Family Medicine website blogs, where I listed Ivermectin among potential early interventions for COVID.

The article then stated I was an advocate of Ivermectin as an alternative to the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines. Where on earth did that come from? That is absolutely false. In fact, I, along with Evergreen Family Medicine, have been strong advocates of COVID vaccination. Our organization has probably given more COVID vaccines to Douglas County citizens than any other clinic in Douglas County. I, myself, have received the vaccine.

I have expressed reservations about mandating the vaccine to children and young healthy adults. I have advocated for informed consent and personal choice. Early treatment of COVID disease and preventing the disease by vaccination are not competitive concepts. One does not exclude the other.

The reporter had called to ask for comments. I declined that conversation because I did not trust him to present my words fairly and in context. How do you misquote written text?

The News-Review forum comments made clear the meme presented by the newspaper has been accepted as truth. I accept disagreement. I do object to being vilified for positions I do not hold and ideas I have never expressed.

I am asking readers who are interested in honest discussion, to go to the Evergreen Family Medicine website under blogs and read my comments for themselves. It bears no relation to those opinions portrayed to be mine by the newspaper.

Tim Powell


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Boo hoo hoo wahh wahh wahh I’m the real victim here. Save it for the board.


A very similar article (before modification) was published in Eugene's Oregonian newspaper (below link). Similar to the News-Review, the Oregonian ALSO sought comment from Dr. Tim Powell who again refused.

The Oregonian article indicated Dr. Powells MAY currently be under investigation by the State Medical Board and also stated the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division sanctioned Evergreen last spring after the agency’s investigation confirmed two complaints from employees that the company was not enforcing mask requirements.



This article in the Oregonian discusses Dr. Powell, his blog, and his role in the Roseburg medical community. Fascinating reading.



Quote the Doc: "...go to the Evergreen Family Medicine website under blogs and read my comments for themselves. It bears no relation to those opinions portrayed to be mine by the newspaper."

Taken at face value, augmented by Mike's opinion summary of those statements, and the paper's correction/apology printed yesterday (9-10-2021), all I read is gobbledegook. Tell you what, Doc, if your opinions have changed, maybe you should remove the old blogs -- then you wouldn't be so confusing.


Thirteen more dead, including a 1 year old child. Twenty-four on life support. A message in the commissioner's report that not all of the dead had pre-existing conditions. Some were healthy before they came down with covid. They were not elderly. The thing they had in common was not being vaccinated.

Dr. Powell, I don't want to hear another word about focused protection of the elderly and sick. I don't want to hear another word about the importance of naturally acquired immunity through disease. I don't want to hear another word against mask mandates.

You and your brother owe this community and apology,


About that mask mandate thing--Winston-Dillard School Board meeting tonight has been forced to go virtual without public comment period because of a credible threat of violence.

This is because of the freedom-of-choice mantra espoused by the Powells, the county commissioners, the Douglas County GOP, and Dallas Heard.

You know, when bad things happen, it's tragic. When civic leaders espouse policies that endanger peoples' lives, it's downright evil.


Ivemectin is an approved FDA drug - it is simply not approved for use in fighting Covid...that doesn'tmean it isn't effective.


Give it up.


No, but Pro-Ivermectin studies using false data, plagiarizing, and fraudulence does mean that NO healthcare practitioner should be recommending, nor prescribing it at this time.


Is ivermectin effective for COVID‐19?


"We found no evidence to support the use of ivermectin for treating or preventing COVID‐19 infection, but the evidence base is limited.

Evaluation of ivermectin is continuing in 31 ongoing studies, and we will update this review with their results when they become available. "

Huge bbfan

What or who to believe. Basement dwelling pseudo experts or medical professionals. 🤔 you make the call.


Dr. Fauci


Perhaps it would have been best to keep one's mouth closed thus avoiding and misconceptions.


Here is a nice Wired article on where we are:


I also recommend Michael Lewis' The Premonition. Learn a lot about pandemic control, organization of health departments, some good things about George Bush (the second), and TLC (Targeted Layered Containment), and more.



In his blog Dr. Powell wrote that he was using invermectin to treat COVID.

Invermectin is not approved for treatment of COVID by the FDA.


Nor is Powell a participant in an approved clinical trial.


Here is a bit about Using approved drugs for an unapproved use.


david wright

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"


I've read the article and Dr Powell's rebuttal. There isn't a "misquote" as there is no quote from Dr Powell about vaccination. There is from his blog about ivermectin. The News-Review a few paragraphs down mentioned vaccination as a "debate". Neither Dr Powell or Evergreen are mentioned after the quote from Dr Powell's blog. You could infer later down, from a nuanced read, the article's author loosely connecting the Powell stance and vaccination debate. But you can only infer it; there are no quotes whatsoever. As far as defense of vaccines I think Mike has done a good job demonstrating the nebulous endorsement of them by Dr Powell. Sorry, no misquoting but to an average reader like me the gist of the Evergreen blog posts are captured well enough. As has been said head to Evergreen's website read them yourselves and draw your own conclusion. The dissembling starts there and continues in this letter, just my opinion having read all aforementioned posts, articles and whatnot.


I just re-read Donovan Brink's article on ivermectin and three blog entries from Dr. Tim Powell. Line by line.

Dr. Tim is not misquoted or quoted out of context. Mr. Brink does not say or imply that Dr. Tim Powell advocates ivermectin as an alternative to vaccination.


The usual thing to do when a person is misquoted in a newspaper is to demand a retraction.

Absent that, this letter looks like CYA in order to short circuit action be the Oregon Medical Board.


Dr. Powell,

Please indicate where ANY of your previous blogs advocate vaccination. I found NONE. Meanwhile, I found MANY, MANY quotes from both you and your brother advocating AGAINST vaccination and other Covid restrictions while providing tons of misinformation. Below are just some of your quotes:

1. “A review of the raw data suggested that there were more deaths in 4 months with the three COVID-19 vaccinations approved for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) than with all other vaccinations combined that were administered between the years of 1990 to 2019.”

2. “We believe Regeneron, Ivermectin, anticoagulation, and judicious use of steroids and active monitoring is keeping patients out of the hospital.” NO MENTION OF VACCINATIONS.

3. “There are risks entailed with the mRNA vaccines which exceed all other vaccinations we have broadly employed. The VAERS reporting system now has over 10,000 deaths (EU 20,000 deaths) reported after receiving the vaccine…This is far more deaths than associated with any other vaccine in history. Other adverse reactions include anaphylaxis, blood clots with pulmonary embolus and stroke, myocardial infarction, pericarditis, etc.

4. Evergreen administered “nearly 10,000 doses of this new mRNA technology. Unfortunately, many of us began to see some complications arise. We observed patients with anaphylaxis, angioedema, ischemic strokes, arrythmias, pericarditis, pulmonary emboli, other thrombotic events, and sudden death within a month of their vaccinations.”

5. “VAERS (vaccine adverse events reporting system) data suggested that this resource may only capture 1 to 10% of all vaccine adverse events.”

6. “The mRNA vaccines are not 95% effective as touted. Efficacy is likely closer to 40-70 %... Whether booster injections of the same vaccine that did not work very well the first time will be helpful remains to be seen.”

7. “Douglas County is experiencing the reality of the delta variant, with further viral mutations on the horizon. Mandates of vaccination, without exceptions, and outdoor masking won’t change that.”

8. “Mandating vaccinations or boosters, to people with proven disease mediated immunity, by using a vaccine with as low as 40% efficacy, imposes a risk with no benefit.”

9. “Broad based immunity of natural disease exposure may be more durable and offer better protection from variants than the specific T spike protein immunity incurred with vaccination.”

10. “Please remember that the CDC and FDA does not represent the opinions of all physicians or nurses.”

11. “The inventor of mRNA vaccine and RNA transfection technologies, Robert Malone M.D. raised safety concerns about the current vaccination policy… He has suggested that we reduce the fervor to vaccinate everyone given the evolving adverse event data… As we have unfortunately come to expect, he was censored, and even his linked-in site was cancelled.”

12. “Treatment with repurposed medications such as Ivermectin have been summarily dismissed as ineffective or potentially unsafe by some medical institutions such as the WHO, NIH, and CDC. This official determination is despite significant evidence of effectiveness.”

13. “We have more follow-up data on the duration of natural immunity than on vaccinated immunity. Some scientists suggest natural immunity is probably lifelong.”

14. “The survival rate in children is 99.995%.”

15. “We do not need to quarantine the asymptomatic healthy… People and public health have no way of knowing where exposure occurred.”

16. “Children need to return to school without masks. Without vaccination… children rarely spread the virus.”

17. “We should resist further attempts at lockdowns or mask mandates.”


I Sit In Stunned Disbelief that Powell would try to gloss this. The sheer backpedaling is reminiscent of one who wants to run for office so must pander hard. Thanks Powell, for the vaccinations I got. How magnanimous of you to allow some of us to not die.


Dr. Tim Powell: I have read every blog entry on the Powell blog at Evergreen. I have read those written by you as well as those written by Dr. John Powell. I have seen bits and pieces of the Powell Blog reposted on Facebook and twitter by anti-vaxxers and anti-mandate folks.

This is my overall impression from memory. Please tell me if I'm misrepresenting you. (I may have your age wrong.)

At age 71 you have chosen to be vaccinated ... U.S. citizens should all have the right to choose, with no mandates ... contact tracing is futile ... the importance of immunity acquired through natural disease should be acknowledged and it may be superior to vaccine acquired immunity ... children need to return to school without masks and without vaccination ... we should resist mask mandates and lock downs ... focused protection (as recommended by the Great Barrington Declaration) is key ... there is little spread of covid from asymptomic people (but how can you tell if a person is asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic?) ... you believe in the outpatient use of Regeneron (monoclonal antibodies) Ivermectin, anti-coagulation, steroids and monitoring ... asymptomatic people should not quarantine (but what if they're positive and about to become symptomatic in a few days? ... sick people should stay home ... the survival rate for covid is on par with influenza (over 600,000 dead for covid vs. approx 35,000 for flu.)

Please tell me if my overall impression is incorrect. Can you possibly understand why anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers and people who think covid is no worse than the flu would hold you and Dr. John Powell up as exemplars of medical reasoning?

You keep telling them what they want to believe and, dang 'em, they keep dying.

Scott Mendelson

Thank you for the much needed clarification, Tim. Your position is not unfounded, and much like that of the conservative British government. You have long had my admiration, and I have always considered you a well-informed, prudent and conscientious physician. It is unfortunate if you have been the victim of misquote and misinterpretation.


If you believe Dr. Powells have been the victim of misquote and misinterpretation, you obviously haven't read their blogs.

Scott Mendelson

I am taking him at his word in what he is saying in response to the claim that he is in support of ivermectin in lieu of vaccination. He says that he is not. I welcome that statement. My goal is to get people vaccinated. If Dr. Powell can help do that at this point in time, I am in full support. In the larger context, I would like to hear what he currently says about masking, as I believe that the scientific literature and medical establishment firmly support it. I read what his blog has previously said about masks, but I really don't care what he may have said last month.


If you don't care what he said last month, then maybe you might read what he published this week about the State Medical Boards’ Board of Directors investigating physicians spreading medical misinformation. Without naming himself as a perpetrator, Dr. Powell said, "What is most insidious is the corrosion of trust between critical institutions and “the commoners.”

NOBODY in Douglas County has done more to corrode trust in Douglas County than Dr. Powell and his brother.



What say you, Donovan Brink?

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