How ironic that Dr. Tim Powell's column calling for reducing the restrictions necessary to slow the spread of covid-19 appeared as cases in Douglas County are surging. Nearly 500 more cases have been identified since he wrote his column and 11 more residents of our community have died. Nationally nearly one half of a million people have died reducing our life expectancy by a year (three years if you are a person of color). And yet, some leaders of our medical community here in Douglas County refuse to take this pandemic seriously and almost daily some mislead citizen writes a letter to the editor decrying mask mandates or other restrictions designed to keep us and others safe. Some of our elected officials continue to spread lies and distortions about public health mandates based on politics rather than science. Really folks, how many deaths, how much loss and grief does it take for all of us to work together to fight a pandemic? It really is simple. Wear a mask. Keep a social distance. Stay home when you can. Don't attend indoor events with large groups of people (and never indoors where people aren't wearing masks and maintaining space). And finally get the vaccination as soon as you can. Any other message is not based on science or facts.

Daniel Robertson


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Sadly Rise222 no one who is an expert on the topic of covid-19 is willing to say how long immunity from covid lasts following infection and some mutants seem to be capable of reinfecting even those who have had covid. Additionally there is evidence that even though one has been infected and recovered they can still spread the virus. All of this is not about fear. It is about stopping an ongoing pandemic and spreading uninformed denials of the facts doesn't help.



Astronomy is more complex than "Twinkle, twinkle, little star," and virology is far more complex than Rise believes.




Daniel, I ought to have said also that it's not simply that experts are not "willing to say how long immunity from covid lasts following infection," but, rather, that it is currently unknowable. We already know that in some individuals immunity may last merely a few months after infection, and we know that vaccine-induced immunity may last longer; it is simply too early to know, regarding a disease that's a little over a year old and vaccines that are even younger. And then, there is the problem that the virus is changing over time; and so will the vaccines. All the experts can ever say is what we know now (and how certain we are), what questions we still have, and how we will answer them. "We don't know, yet," is what makes science.


Oh you fearful people - stop being so ridiculous. The person who wrote the Letter to the Editor about immunity was absolutely correct. Once you have a virus and recovered, like measles, chicken pox, etc. you can NEVER get it or give it for the rest of your life!!!


Colds, flu, warts, hepatitis, norovirus, SARS, just to name a few. Maybe even ebola. The person who wrote the Letter to the Editor does not understand immunity and probably gets info from unreliable sources. But I think they mean well, just trying to get people to be sensible. Unfortunately, they're wrong.


Better to be a coward than ignorant.


Since publishing Dr. Powell's column two days ago advocating loosening Douglas County coronavirus restrictions, the following has occurred:

1. Douglas County broke the all-time high record number of coronavirus cases for one day.

2. Douglas County broke the all-time high record number of coronavirus cases for one week.

3. Douglas County broke the all-time high record number of school outbreak cases in one week.

4. Douglas County broke the all-time senior assisted living outbreak record high number of cases in the past week.

5. Douglas County broke the all-time work place outbreak record high number of cases in the past week.

6. DPHN announced it will not be receiving any more coronavirus vaccine for the second week in a row.

If you believed ANY of Dr. Powell's politically driven rhetoric, I have some swampland in Florida to sell you.


Mike: given the likelihood that dengue and yellow fever will make a comeback in Florida, you might want to sell that land to the pro-virus folks....


Mike, well taken. Overall, the country has achieved exponential decay, while we are achieving exponential growth.


[thumbup] Very fitting, Daniel.

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