Thanks to those who came to Roseburg to set up our vaccination tent. Friendly efficient service.

Mark Hendershott


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According to Dr. Dannenhoffer the recommendations for testing have changed with omicron. The new guidance:

If you're a contact of someone who has covid, or if you have mild symptoms, you don't need to get tested, but you should stay home for at least 5 days and until your fever is gone.

If you think you need medical attention -- if you have difficulty breathing, eating or walking -- call your primary for guidance or call the covid hotline at 541- 464 - 6550.

There's more:


Forget going to your local pharmacy for a shot. Use this drive-thru clinic instead!

I'd like to encourage everyone who wants a vaccination or booster to use this clinic as soon as possible. Seeing that we've have 4 or 5 pharmacy closures in recent months, it's not so easy to get a shot at your friendly local pharmacy as it used to be.

People who want to get a prescription filled are having to wait in line for a long time and sometimes the pharmacies are so crushed they can't even answer their phones.

Use this free, easy, fast drive-thru clinic at the Fowler Street parking lot across from the library. I got my booster and flu shot there in October. It was fast and easy.

Tom Wingo



Why couldn't our County Commissioners do more to advertise and encourage residents to attend this clinic? Why haven't our Commissioners announced their own vaccination status?


Now that hospitalizations are going up, deaths that are avoidable if vaccinated will now start to increase also. It would have taken so little for the County Commissioners as respected authority figures to post an ad in the News-Review encouraging people to avail themselves of the free vaccination clinic.

Tom Wingo

You've spent the last two years stating that they are not respected authority figures and no one should listen to them. Hypocrite much?


Please point to one instance where I said "no one should listen to them." You can't because I've never said that. What I've said is they are often untruthful.

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