Civil dialogue continues to be uncivil. Historians fear we are headed for civil war. We are already there. Speaking without thinking or reactionary interaction with schools, stores, air staff and, yes, even our own neighbors. Chatter is all that is heard among the throngs of angry and repetitious floundering of unintelligible arguments. My way or the highway is not dialogue among adults. What is needed is time out like the kids get? Oh, yes, kids have now become little parrots of what mom and dad say about all this political volley. Civil war exists when we allow bumper stickers to say things that we used to protect children from seeing. Four letter words do not descibe a current president. Words that are foul and rude do not communicate. They alienate and make it impossible to have opinions and ideas different than others. If you see gatherings of dangerous or malicious groups rising up fighting over masks, guns, women's rights or vaccines, it is better to focus on healthy ways to express your firm beliefs. Realize that other minds may be formed by little or bad information. Taking the issues beyond tolerable is not an acceptable way to handle unpredictable times, especially when we are at a tinder moment and spark for crazy people to inflict dangerous behavior. Be civil not at war! Be courageous, keep the rude comments, bumper stickers or even dialogue in meetings civil, not war!

Roberto Jaramillo


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Roberto, thank you for another lovely letter.


Roberto, you always write great letters. Tenderness is the way forward, but if bullies get in your way, then you must fight. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

Huge bbfan

Weird letter and even weirder comment.


How is this a weird letter? It's perfectly clear, makes strong points, and is kind. I guess you, Huge, are against clarity, strength, and kindness. Sounds about right.


Nearly half of likely voters believe our country will have another civil war according to a poll (below link) conducted in January. We were already close had Vice President Pence not certified the election. And matters appear to have only worsened since, in large part to former President Trump urging people during his recent rallies to rise up.

Behind Trump's continued push for civil war is evidence of his white supremacist paranoia beginning with the longest sustained period of racial justice protests in American history segued with the Trump administration's crackdown on federal antiracism training, calling it "anti-American," Attorney General Bill Barr's call for protesters to be charged with sedition and cruel Trump immigration policies, with cruelty being the point.

So much for the notions that Donald Trump has no ideology, or, for that matter, that getting rid of him will make America great again. It is evident from the January 6 insurrection that many of his supporters are visibly preparing themselves for violence, casting themselves as revolutionaries against the existing "tyrannical" federal government. It’s absurd to think "angry white men with guns" have truly thought this through, that they are truly willing to sacrifice democracy.

Today’s toxic atmosphere makes it difficult to negotiate on important issues, creating a winner-take-all approach to politics. With leadership of our country at stake, these revolutionaries appear willing to consider extraordinary and violent means to achieve their objectives. Winning becomes their goal over almost every other consideration. To them its Democracy be damned. Bring on Facism. All that matters is the other side losing.

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