If a Democratic President were making such unfounded noise about a rigged election, the Republicans would be having a fit — with no outcry for almighty truth, as bellowed by Todd Vaughn in The News Review on Jan. 1.

This is a political drama with no truth to back it up.

President Donald Trump-appointed judges have disclaimed any truth to his charges that the election was rigged. The Governor of Georgia, a Republican, as well as its Secretary of State in charge of elections, also a Republican, have tried and found no foul play. But Trump still insists. He insists because he is all about labels, and he can't stand being labeled a loser.

Anyone going into politics is always faced with the chance that they might not get elected. Trump should stay out of politics. It's too rough a game for his delicate self esteem. If the Democrats had rigged the election, they would have made sure that Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham lost their elections. Sadly, Trump's blaming and whining have his sycophants lining up behind him, threatening the very fabric of our Democracy.

Susan Applegate


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Sorry, S -- you can't blame any of yesterday on Antifa; just the opposite...just a bunch of good ol' boys and girls waving Trump flags. Bottom line: Trump enable and encouraged unlawfulness because his lies and cons have not worked the way he was hoping for. The head of this particular snake will be doing a lot of hiding.


Not only that, but if the violent protesters at the Capitol Building just happened to be for a black cause, there would be many more people killed and/or hauled off to jail. Oh, they were only Fascist Terrorists attacking Congress. Well then, let's wait to call in the National Guard until they get a little more destructive, toss a few molotov cocktails, plant a few bombs, take hostages, kill a few dozen people...you know, be as supreme as only white people can be.


What happened yesterday reminded me of the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979-1981. The difference is that the DC terrorists did not succeed.


That’s probably because they were told to stand down by their Democrat handlers. The “terrorists” yesterday were mostly antifa. Do some research you fool


Scomo, who repeatedly calls intelligent, informed people fools, assured us on April 25th that the pandemic would be over in two weeks. Consider the source.


Why can't I reply to Scomo? (There is only a "report" button and not a "reply" button.

Anyway, what Scomo says is plain nonsense. He must be one of those Q people.


melrosereader: it appears one can only respond to primary and secondary comments, so we are reduced to the kind of response I'm doing now.


You’re a fool! The whole operation was planned and executed by antifa, with the help of the Capital police who moved the barriers to allow access. Do a little research and you’ll see the videos. What’s more, Congress was warned days ago that this was GOING to happen. Rep. Mo Brooks stated that. It was all contrived to overshadow the Rs objection to Biden illegitimate electors.

Incidentally are you a white person? Then why are you being so patronizing of black people? That’s called racism, but then again you’re probably too stupid to know that


Scomo, you're starting to read like a NR Troll. Read and learn: "Mentions of "antifa" and "false-flag" started to take off on 4chan, an anonymous online forum, around noon on Jan. 6, according to data from the Social Media Analysis Toolkit.: source - https://www.politifact.com/article/2021/jan/07/theres-no-proof-antifa-stormed-capitol-rumor-sprea/

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