“Politics is a rough game.” When I saw that nothing made sense concerning what was happening to the Umpqua National Forest, I began to learn this lesson. I realized that nothing is as it seems. Even “the science” is filled with deceptions that are driven by politics, and political agendas. It didn’t take long to understand that solving problems was not the driving-force behind those who professed to have “the answers.” Problem-solving can be very doable, and as a logger, I know this to be true. Loggers work together to solve seemingly-impossible problems every day, with no political agendas to inhibit us. We could easily heal the Umpqua — in all aspects — but politics will not allow it, and “politics is a rough game.”,

In Genesis, God said of Abraham, “I have singled him out, that he may instruct his children and his posterity to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is just and right." As spiritual-children-of-Abraham, that’s also what God desires of us who believe. We must try to do “what is just and right,” but how? Should we quietly watch it all burn? How do we safely engage in such a “rough game?” How do we negotiate with those who are willfully deceptive?

Although “lawlessness abounds,” we must “speak the truth in love.” The truth-part is easy — the love-part is not — especially for those of us who tend to enjoy a good fight (and always prefer to win). May God forgive us … and give us wisdom to engage safely in politics. Our children and grand-children are depending on us.

Todd Vaughn


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Todd, we were always meant to be stewards of this planet and all its nature. Human downfall will be their arrogance in assuming intelligence.

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