To clarify points made in the apples and oranges comparison in my Keystone XL letter to the editor. I was comparing the job losses from COVID-19 to the 1,000 jobs lost because of the Keystone closure that Mr. Heath mentioned. Millions have been laid off with record numbers filing for unemployment over the last year. Also, the court stopped construction on the Keystone project for environment studies. At no time did I advocate against pipeline projects. Nor did I mention the Green New Deal.

The loss of prevailing or living wage occupations is devastating. The high paying job losses referenced by the Nebraska governor are union high-pressure certified pipefitters. That quality skill level jobs remain in the area until completion of the project. The journeyman and apprentice move to the next high-pressure certified job when finished in Nebraska. The remaining maintenance jobs are a fraction of numbers employed during construction.

The obfuscation Mike Heath references is his blame of the new administration stopping the construction. I advocate the evaluation of current infrastructure engineering. The study of roads, dams, bridges, and pipelines to improve on function, economic, and environmental sustainability. I would like to thank Mr. Hyatt and Mr. Heath for the feedback. My apologies to Mr. Heath for not getting his name correct. My bad!

Robert Wayne Cooper


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The politicians who claim the Keystone Pipeline will create thousands of jobs are misleading the public. The Keystone Pipeline will do exactly the opposite. Thousands of existing jobs will be lost when the Keystone Pipeline become operational. The jobs permanently lost will be the truck and train jobs that currently ship the petroleum. The number of truck and train jobs lost will easily be ten times the number of jobs created to support the pipeline operation.

There certainly will be short term construction jobs created to build the pipeline. These are the jobs the politicians talk about only after the various construction unions contributed to the politician's election funds. But those jobs are short term. Once the pipeline is constructed, those jobs go away. Meanwhile, the truck and train jobs are lost permanently.

The manpower required to operate a pipeline is peanuts. The staff would consist of less than 30 employees. The Keystone pipeline will have automated leak-detection, periodic smart-pig inspections, corrosion detection systems, all designed to eliminate costly manpower.

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