I would like to comment on the illegal alien problem. With regard to all the human beings who strive to get to America, why do they do that? 

Why do they save up to pay a coyote, or try to get here on their own? The majority just want a better life. It is understandable.

Back in the 1990s, I worked as a cook in a jail kitchen. The INS had stopped a large van on the interstate. It was full of people from Mexico. Packed in it like animals. I remember distinctly. We received a phone call and baked more burritos, made more rice, for 40 more people.

We fed them all on paper. I went along with the inmate workers to gather the trash post feeding. They ate and slept in the gym. All sat on the floor, had been given a shower and clean clothes. Men and women. No one spoke. A few nodded in appreciation. 

We read about detention centers. About children being separated from their parents. I didn't see that. I only saw adults. I can only imagine that grief.

We don't get to chose our color, nor circumstance at birth. We simply live, and are.

I don't know the solutions. I do know that we are all the children of God. And we need to rectify the mistake of parent and child separation. John Aschim of Oakland is correct.

Dorothy Knight

Myrtle Creek

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