In this country, our veterans deserve the utmost respect, support, and compassion from the people they protect and serve. Not only does this responsibility fall on every single American, but especially on our political leaders who are supposed to advocate for those that served this nation. After losing his congressional bid in 2020, Alek Skarlatos, a veteran himself, started a nonprofit organization called the 15:17 Trust, “to serve veterans in ways the government cannot.” However, the organization has been virtually inactive since its founding.

Skarlatos used leftover campaign funds to donate to his own nonprofit organization, which is illegal under federal election law. After announcing his run for 2022, he quickly funneled $65,000 into his campaign from his charity, which is also highly illegal by FEC standards. It has become evident that Skarlatos started this charity to illegally help his 2022 congressional campaign.

This act by Skarlatos is absolutely infuriating. It is blatantly disrespectful to the men and women who have put so much on the line for this country, and to the donors who thought they were contributing funds to help veterans. We should be thanking and supporting our veterans, not stealing their money.

Joanne Gordon

Days Creek

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(5) comments


You know this how, Joanne? Hoping Alek chimes

in on this.


It's been covered in the news for more than a month.


mworden: yes, thanks. My LTE had the links stripped out.


MollyP: It really does look like Skarlatos is a grifter in the tradition of Trump, Bannon, et al.

It's well documented. My LTE a while back was submitted with citations, but those were stripped out before publication. mworden has provided some links; I hope that they survive, and that you will check them out.

Also, you could go ask Alek. He's not ten feet tall.


If links disappear, those articles and more can be found by googling:

skarlatos campaign finances

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