The carpetbaggers have returned to Douglas County with their snake oil. I am talking about the greater Idaho group, who by their own omission to The News Review are getting donations from across the nation, including Florida. They once again want to have us vote on becoming a part of Idaho. I do not want Florida telling me what to do or where to live, and if I did I would move to Florida.

Some things they will not tell you is that Idaho has no love for veterans. Any veteran less than 100% disabled has no benefits in Idaho and all Oregon benefits will be lost.

Also anyone with any type of special license (contractors, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and the like) will need to reapply at their expense.

All businesses would have to apply for new business permits, all licensed drivers would have to apply for new ones, all vehicles would have to have new registrations, all at the individual's expense.

Idaho has a 6% sales tax, plus local politicians can add an additional 3% for a total of 9% sales tax on everything, on top of property taxes.

The carpetbaggers say Oregon will take away your 2nd Amendment. All three of our county commissioners are extremely conservative and so is our sheriff. I do not worry about my gun being taken away unless I do something stupid, and then deserve to have it taken.

If you are afraid Salem is running your life, wait until Boise starts running your life, or even Florida. Do your homework before you buy the snake oil.

David Grotkin


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Again, this isn't going anywhere. "To change a boundary between two existing states, state governments of the two states would have to both agree, probably by each passing suitable legislation, and then ask Congress to make it official. Sometimes there are disputes between two states when they both claim the same land."


Here is a great commentary on the realities of borders changes. Realities that the weak minded in favor of this would never consider when thinking of this move.


smedleyb: good link. I look forward to the the well-reasoned arguments from the proponents.

Ha! Just kidding. They got resentment and slogans and nuttin' else. With a capital NUTtin'.


Get real. It's a grift. It's a con. You're sending money to people you don't know for something that will never happen. They keep your money and you get...nothing! Sidney Powell conned $14 million out of you Trump cultists, so this isn't surprising. But you're going to teach those Portland libs a lesson. Right.


David, this is a masterpiece. I'll be watching the chat traffic around this letter for the I'm-rubber-you're-glue defense from your opponents.


It would be a good thing to not be told how we should live by a minority of people in Portland or Salem.


Wretched722, I am not sure what you mean by "a minority of people in Portland or Salem." Our governor and our elected officials, with Democrats in the majority in the Oregon Legislature, were elected by the majority of voters in the last several elections.

It's called democracy.

I should point out that Boise is just a little under 500 miles from you; Ada County went for Trump by a little less than 4% over Joe Biden, so you would find that county less red than Douglas County. On the other hand, Idaho is also well known as a haven for right wing extremists and racists. So there's that.

Idaho is a beautiful state, and I love it, far and away more than most other states. I also love it, far and away.


Oregon's population is concentrated in the NW I-5 corridor. It is not a minority, but rather a majority of the state population.


Oh Wretched one, your horse is still dead no matter how much you beat it. Every person in every state is governed by a minority of elected people of that state’s government, and by their representatives elected to be part of the Federal government. It’s called being a Democratic Republic, and it’s what this country is.

It’s an unescapable fact that large urban centers lean liberal, and that rural folk lean conservative. I don’t know if it’ll always be that way, but that’s currently the way it is. Not for one second am I saying that city folk are the smart ones…so please don’t think that I am. It’s just philosophy. The power comes from numbers, but it’s extremely absurd to think that two states should modify their borders in a gerrymandering experiment.

California has been debating dividing their state between north and south for decades; there are lots of decent reasons why that might be a good move, but no go yet. You have the notion, as many others share, that you are “…told how we should live…” by the state of Oregon – but that’s not accurate, and you know it. You have the same, if not more, freedoms to live how you desire in this state, but you grouse about trivialities, and somehow profess that the Idaho Legislator will be oh-so-much-better for you.

As Donald Rumsfeld famously once said: “There are known knowns, things we know that we know; and there are known unknowns, things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns, things we do not know we don't know.” Here’s the one thing I DO know about Idaho: Like Utah government, Idaho laws and regulations are basically an extension of their major religion…Jesus Christ, that Church Of Latter-day Saints. Nice folks, but no thanks.


Almost as good as not being told how to live our lives by YOU Ms. Briggs.


Put up better candidates then.


Also. People vote, not land. Conservatives and Republicans are definitely in the minority in Oregon

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