We are proud to see our city allowing the homeless to camp in the parks. Pulling into Fred Meyers, we are so proud to see their tents next to the duck pond, no matter how they got there.

"Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or die."

Sam and Arlene Coomer


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Bonne Price

Your letter to the editor was a joke, right?

Country Craftsman

I am very much a conservatives and aTrump supporter.

However i realize homelessness is a huge problem. But we must remember the homeless have the same rights as all Americans. Yes we do not like to see them camping anywhere near our homes businesses, schools or anywhere we look. So instead if being part of the problem by simply complaining about it lets work together to help solve the problem. Stop expecting government to solve it, they fix roads and send water to homes but they can not fix social issues. Their only answer is more money thrown at it.


Sorry trump supporters but most of them are mentally ill and have no access to get the help they need alot are addicts yes but not by choice we as addicts in recovery we didn't choose addiction nobody chooses it it part genetics and part personality traits that make addicts most of us me included have mental illness so we have to be dual diagnosed by a trained professional before we could get help and don't get me started on how the county's parole board fired our mental health court parole officer just to add another SO parole officer apparently the conservative base in this county does not care about the mentally ill or addicts that become criminals because of their mental illness if you want the homeless situation to stop then get social workers on the streets to talk to these people and give them programs and the help they need and don't say well parole and prison does that LaW AnD OrDeR they don't parole officers are supposed the drive you to uob interviews and help you get and keep housing among other things they don't becasue you CONSERVATIVES think we should all be swept under the rug and the door locked and the key thrown away alot of homeless are on parole and their parole officers do nothing to help they're not trained to help only to yank your chain and throw you in jail when they feel like it anyways put your money were your mouth is give us our BHU back at Mercy so we have a place we can keep the mentally ill to figure out what's wrong with them and get them help they desperately need and start paying taxes for it and start paying taxes for mental health treatment our county needs it.


Helpless NO!, Addicts YES!, Homeless by CHOICE!

these individuals live like this by choice, they don't want any responsibility, they don't want to Work to Pay Bill's, Rent, and Food

they want everyone else to take care of them. There in the position there in because of the decision and choices they made.

You're not helping them, you are only enabling them... methadone clinics and needle exchanges only makes it easier for them to get there fix. We even transport the individuals there and back to what they call home. City controlled trading one drug for another and paying for a taxi to transport them there and back at the tax payers expense. Now a diabetic has to pay for there medication at a ridiculous price and buy there needles to... tell me how that makes sense.


Perhaps all of your commenting here should open your homes/garages....put your warming center where your mouth is.


Homelessness is easy to wish away, but is a part of every city in the U.S. whether you are "proud" of it or not.


I'm detecting some sarcasm here... Which is understandable, especially if the author has never been homeless- but as with so many other aspects of this universe, there cannot be light without dark, good without evil, hot without cold, and rich without poor- If you are sincere in your pride for this situation, then good for you and your progressive attitude, however, if the sarcasm I'm feeling from your letter is in fact real, then perhaps instead of wasting time writing letters, you should clean out your garage, and provide warm shelter for a couple homeless FAMILIES, not just the stereotypical drug addicts and alcoholics, which are fewer than you think... If you, or anyone's source of income dried up suddenly, how long would it be before you too were putting up your own tent by the duck pond?


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