On the heels of President Biden's promised anti-gun push, Salem Democrats are about to ram through two bills, SB 585 and SB 554, which taken together will effectively do away with the right of self defense. The state pre-emption law protects citizens from random capricious gun restrictions emanating from any local jurisdiction that one happened to be in. It will be canceled. A patchwork of restricted places will be put in place making it virtually impossible to travel freely without being in violation. The process for opposing this has been made as complicated as possible. There are no high fences topped with razor wire or patrolling National Guardsmen yet in Salem like in Biden's town, but it is closed to the public. Only malicious intent, not data, is behind this latest attack on the law abiding and the second amendment by our "law makers."

Mike Heath

Myrtle Creek

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Those are anti-seditionist fences in the capitol not anti-immigrant fences. Interesting Trump created both of them.


SB 585 repeals statute creating state preemption of local firearm regulation and statutes creating exceptions to preemption. And SB554: "Authorizes city, county, metropolitan service district, port operating commercial airport, school district, college or university to adopt ordinance or policy limiting or precluding affirmative defense for possession of firearms in public buildings by concealed handgun licensees. Modifies definition of "public building," for purposes of crime of possession of weapon in public building, to include certain airport areas, buildings owned or controlled by public bodies and real property owned by college or university."

So then Mike, please explain to all of us in readerville why you feel the need for self defense in a public place. Is your concealed weapon necessary on a college campus? In an airport, a library, at City Hall? Do you need to carry a concealed weapon into the Douglas County jail? This self defense notion is very telling when you're in a state that's 75% white. Are you afraid of White Supremacists? Hmm, maybe you should be. They don't seem very supreme to me.


NJ: exactly.

I suspect that Mike needs his emotional support Glock for reasons that are not entirely rational, though, and it's very difficult to reason against unreason. Maybe the nice police at the Roseburg VA campus (where weapons are prohibited) can explain it to him.


Mike, worry not. You still got your tinfoil.


The fences are from the same Libs who say walls don't work.


Think it was trump's town when the fence around the building.


Think it was trump's town when the fences went up around the capital.

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