Because of the mistaken use of a gun in Minnesota and the shooting of the 13-year-old who may or may not have had a gun, my thoughts are about tasers and guns.

Are tasers as good as guns for knocking people down without killing them? Would it be better to have tasers the first use in an emergency rather than a killing gun?

Perhaps the taser should be on the right side of a right-handed person rather than a gun to be used first, and the gun as a last resort.

Would a policeman facing a man with a fun have a chance of getting a man down without killing him using a taser, or would he be at higher risk himself?

If they changed the placement of the gun it would be hard to relearn if the policeman would have long been taught the other placement.

Taser first, gun as a last resort?

Is it possible that police should always wear a shirt that is armored? Is there a fabric that could be comfortably worn that would do such a thing?

Mary Ann Wilcox


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Last question first; yes Kevlar does make bullet proof fabric. Addressing your concerns over use of guns rather than tazers; yes, tazers first would be a better option. But that doesn't really address the crux of the issue. The issue of black people and ultimately all people is that police are being trained to kill. Ex-Army Ranger, Dave Grossman didn't really come back from war and decided to indoctrinate those, who are to protect and serve their communities. to wield their weapons as if they were still at war, the "give a person a hammer, and teach him that everything is a nail" mind set. The policewoman in Duante Wright's killing clearly reaches for her gun rather than tazer, despite her left hand was free to pull her tazer. In the killing of Adam Toledo was the issue of 'does he have a gun or not'. In that video when the 13 year old faces police both of his empty hands are in the air. The real question then becomes do police unions, who support and defend cops use of their guns, endorse the training that teaches cops to kill? it doesn't go unnoticed that during Derek Chauvin's trial, black children were being killed by the police and we have to question why. When can Americans feel safe when entire police forces in our country are seemingly at war with us on homeland soil? Here are links to the information I've provided: David Grossman - -- Duante Wright: -- Adam Toledo: -- the Kevlar website:




Every police officer should have a Byrna...or similar...non-lethal, and it will stop people in their tracks.

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