I suppose we all owe Senator Dallas Heard and his anti-mask followers a big thank you for helping Douglas County decline to the Extreme COVID level while everywhere else is leveling off or improving.

Rather than being friends of the business community, these anti-mask proponents are doing great harm.

As many of us have said, the way to open up our businesses and keep them open is to first contain the pandemic.

Wear masks. Wash hands. Social distance. Get vaccinated.

Patricia Sherman


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In Texas, the death rate is 3x higher but the economy is more important. That is Republican "pro-life" position.

Marine Vet

"Cancel Culture" isn't a real thing

Or, rather it IS, but it's only a new label for something that's always been part of human society.

What republicans see as some nefarious organized mass conspiracy is nothing more than society's public rejection of unsavory actions and ideology.

It is LITERALLY the very visible hand of their own adored free market at work.


The line of succession for the ignorant is not only celebrated by Dallas Heard. We owe blame as well to Tim Freeman, Rep. Leif and the other commissioners and yahoos who perpetuate the open up no matter at what cost crowd. Shame on them. We must pray for wisdom. We need to vote these cast of jokers out next elections.


Rise and Scomo, what you are saying is dangerously false and misleading to innocent readers who may not know what to do in this phase of the pandemic.

Vaccines are not 100 percent effective, but if a vaccinated person gets infected they may have a very mild illness instead of a raging one. A vaccinated person may be symptom-free but infectious to others. Masks can reduce the chance of infecting others and of you becoming infected. Businesses have closed because people refuse to mask-up and avoid unnecessary gatherings and travel.

Now we have the Brazilian variant. People who had immunity in a city that had reached herd immunity got sick all over again from that variant and some got desperately sick. Covid safety measures need to stay in place until this beast has burned out.

I have no idea why a simple thing like wearing a mask during a pandemic that's killed more Americans than combat did in WW1 and WW2 combined has become a political issue.

You're advocating selfishness and narcissism. And you're probably really nice people who are kind to those around you. That's what we've come to in this country. Simple behaviors like protecting the health and lives of others by wearing a mask has turned decent, kind people into raving lunatics who can ignore over half a million American deaths. I strongly prefer to recognize the decent, sensible, non-partisan parts of your natures and hope you both avoid infection. I had it. Not fun. Wouldn't wish it on anyone.




Judging from the response, Sherman must have hit a sore spot among the anti-maskers.


Look up the words "contagious" and "immune" and stop being silly. People who have had the virus can take off their masks. Those who have the vaccine can take off their masks.


Yesterday the entire state of Texas opened its entire economy and masks were discarded. Actually, Texas never completely shut down as Oregon has done. The per capita death rate in Texas is 3xs higher than Oregon’s but the hospitals were never close to flooded and the economy is growing. Oregon’s economy is failing and it will suffer for years because of the foolish policies of the “witch from Salem”

Marine Vet

Simply move to Texas.


Remember these people at election time. Anti-maskers are NOT helping small businesses. Reducing Covid-19 case numbers helps us all.


Remember the freekin governor and her henchmen in Salem they’re the true villains in all this. Masks DO NOT work! The overwhelming majority of the covid cases have been in nursing homes, why is it necessary to close restaurants? Insane and fools like you fall for it like a ton of bricks.


Where are you getting your numbers and facts. Texas nursing homes were filled to capacity numerous times over the past six months. Nursing homes represent less than 10% of Douglas County cases according to the Oregon Health Authority weekly Outbreak Report. The majority of cases occur at local businesses and hospitals.


More online sales going to Amazon, Walmart and Lowe’s than ever before. Not a smart move to keep breaking the rules. People remember!


Absolutely correct. Just remember that Heard, our Commissioners, and the anti-mask crowd take great pride in rejecting social good and proven science because it makes them "anti-liberal". Unseating these shallow thinkers is going to be a monumental task in Douglas County.


Proven science? Hogwash! There isn’t one study that has proven that placing a past mask on your face will prevent you from contracting a virus. You and your ilk wouldn’t recognize science if it but you on the butt


[thumbup] Thank you, Patricia.


[thumbup] Right on.



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