The debt ceiling: coercion and catastrophe

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Scott Mendelson


Carrie Gardner


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Ms. Pellegrino-Reid

I tend to research but also, as is my way, knee jerk react. So for my knee jerk reaction here I go....It is NOT the year 11 Republicans, although you sure wish it were. So, let's stop acting like spoiled petulant children and pay our debts. Raise the ceiling and then negotiate on budget concerns. Why is this so hard every few years? Why do you folks want to cause we citizens agita, why are you Republicans making old people worry and wring their hands wondering if they will get a Social Security Check in June? KNock it off, go to your rooms, does anyone have some duct tape for their mouths? Listen, Kevin McCarthy is a worm. My opinion. A sniveling , deceitful worm. He is probably doing Marjorie Taylor Greens Laundry as part of his deal to get the Seat as Speaker, I am guessing he also made a deal to babysit Boberts children and clean her weapons and possibly he promised Matt Geitz to help hold down his underage dates. Okay, now that I have that out of my system on to more learned subjects...filled with data instead of conjecture. Sorry, I am guessing this comment does not get published. Just maybe not?

I will offer everyone both the research on the debt ceiling debate, which is historically separate from budget negotiations. When in doubt about global economics, I turn to and subscribe to The World Economic Forum who succinctly shows us exactly what defaulting on our debt ceiling and the catastrophic residual effects would be globally. Read this article and listen to this podcast. I think it will make you frightened to death of our Nation defaulting on paying our bills. The ripple effects would crush us . It is suicide by economics.

Scott Mendelson

I was solely responsible for this letter. I have no idea who Carrie Gardner is, though I suspect she is a very fine person.


The 14th Amendment to the Constitution, section 4, says that the public debt shall not be questioned.

Defaulting would collapse the economy and shake the Constitution. I think that may be exactly what the GOP wants. They are not patriots.


Just to be clear, defaulting on debt that Congress had approved and incurred in previous years--for the first and only time in US history--would be an economic catastrophe. The USA has always paid its bills.

What Republicans are doing is confusing voters by mingling the national debt that has built up over several years with the budget cycle that is due to be adopted this year. That is unconscionable.

The national debt is real. Just like climate change is real. And it came about because for most years federal expenses exceeded federal revenues. This is called deficit spending. And the deficit spending for years and years has piled up to where it is today. To a debt crisis.

Debt crisis can be "solved" like any excessive debt situation: spending cuts... higher taxes... or inflation. If our Dem-Rep regime won't cut spending and they won't raise taxes... we should prepare for regular inflation in our lives. Unless our economy grows like crazy... which AI might help it do... and then we'd luck out. (Unless you lose your job to an AI... in which case, how lucky are you, really?)

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