As the Roseburg Public School system ponders the effect of a declining enrollment on the operational budget, they need look no further for answers than the progressive, ultra-left atmosphere being advanced by the educators.

Director Howard Johnson of the school board is quoted on the front page of The News-Review on Feb. 12, "This country was made great through the genocides of Indians and the enslavement of Blacks." Parents are voicing their objections to this uber-liberal indoctrination by pulling their students from a system, which seeks to erase history and disparage our country.

Mystery solved.

Bonne Price


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You are right, Bonnie. There were no genocides of Indians, that therefore allowed Europeans to expand across the continent. And the enslavement of Blacks did not support the wealth of the agrarian South or the industrial North.

Also: gravity did not keep you from floating off into space this morning.


We're a retirement community - how many people over 65 are having kids???


You say, and I quote, "Parents are voicing their objections to this uber-liberal indoctrination." How on earth is teaching the actual history of our history fits the definition of indoctrination is beyond me. I suggest you yourself read up on the history of our country. I suggest you start with how our early economy was able to grow, and how land was added to the USA. Facing the facts of our history will make this country even greater.


"This country was made great through the genocides of Indians and the enslavement of Blacks."

Let me edit this statement by on of the district's leaders: "This country was made prosperous on the backs of its indigenous peoples and the labor of enslaved people. This country will become great only when it acknowledges its two original sins and does what it needs to do to correct the injustices, that continue to this day, toward these abused and maligned people."




Or, you know, it could be changes wrought by the coronavirus.

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