Give me a break. So some geezers, a club of which I am a member, are whining because productive people are getting shots ahead of them. Even claiming the teachers unions are responsible for 'preferential treatment', and the Governor is violating CDC guidelines. Having, probably, not been around a public school for 40 or 50 years, these crybabies have no idea the efforts teachers are putting into the kids in extraordinary circumstances. Its tough enough in the best of times, to educate 20-40 children in one room for 6-8 hours. I didn't have the honor of being an educator but have known plenty and respect them all for their dedication and sacrifices. Asking them to risk their lives just to do their jobs is ridiculous.

I think the governor is making the right decision, and she has been all along, as evidenced by Oregon having the 49th lowest infection rate in the country. The sequence of the immunizations has been spot on, with care givers, first responders, etc. in the 1A category. I would put service personnel, grocery store employees, and all that come into daily contact ahead of old buzzards like me who spend the day looking for the remote. Quit whining and stay home. One of these kids getting an education could be your doctor someday.

Jeff Farris


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Marine Vet

Don't see any of the GOP Crowd Asking that Veterans Who Did Serve this Country get Any Head of the Line Privilege's.?

Jeff Farris

I guess that's what service means, sacrifice without expecting privilege.


Jeff, I agree with everything you wrote; I do regret that the headline writer used the word "deserve" in the headline; the argument about priority of vaccination does not have to do with who is deserving or not, but what is the best strategy for reducing the burden of disease and the other burdens inflicted upon society by this pandemic.


Thank you Jeff, very well put, succinct and to the point. Also chuckle worthy. [thumbup]



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