The fiscal atrocity of a $1.9 trillion "single-year" bill is interesting only to economics students since others' silence about this is defining. President Reagan signed a $1 trillion budget. Everybody wrote him — aghast. Now, our legislator's are "borrowing" 6 times that, and no one blinks!

It's disguised as COVID-19 relief bill — not. It's about: $15 minimum wage, $400 billion bailout to blue-state pensions, $130 billion for schools, $1,600 monthly "unemployment bonus." Millions for AmTrack and NYC's subway — all paid for by your kids economic future. Concerned? Well, it's said it's “urgent” due to an economic “crisis.” Com'on man! Congress borrowed $3.7 trillion in 2020 for this, and the Budget Committee say's there's still $1 trillion surplus. It's not a real crisis-it's Bovine Manure.

This financial madness is because Democrats fear a fake economic crisis is disappearing — cloaked by COVID — to borrow for the above mentioned boondoggles. The economy? Housing prices jumped 12%. The manufacturing index hit a five-year high. Unemployment's down, oh, and my stock portfolio surged 4.3%! Worried? Perhaps to Governor Brown who foolishly shuttered businesses - tormented by the surrounding Governor's who did that, so she did too. Oh, and surprise — she's taxing your COVID relief check! Let'em eat cake...

No worries though since your kids are saddled with this debt. I'll take $1,400.00 COVID money. I don't know your kids nor do I care about their future!

I studied Economics in college. I am terrified the answer is, you don't care! But, thanks kids, and remember: "He that wants money, means, and content is without three good friends" — Shakespeare. I studied English Lit too because Shakespeare was easier to understand than Economics and those pesky equations — squared, times the probabilities that you'll complain!

Wayne Medley


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George Weston

You might need to learn cost accounting. Then you would see that all taxes are paid by the consumer, the end user.

The 2.1 trillion dollar tax cut didn't seem to be to big to those who always complain about the deficit. They did not cut spending then, so why should we have to do that now?


Economics hasn't been taught in schools for years - no wonder some of these people just don't get it...


"He that wants money, means, and content is without three good friends" Actually Wayne, he who wants money, means, and content has plenty of friends who thanked him for giving them the biggest tax breaks in the last 4 years, to the delight of his billionaire "friends" while making the rest of us taxpayers foot that bill.

No Covid Relief Bill has passed yet. Perhaps you could muster your patience and wait and see.





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