This letter is in response to the letter written by Roberto Jaramillo in the May 13 edition of The News-Review.

I am not to sure what his reference to cannibals is all about, but whatever.

RJ is right about three parties. We have the Democrats, socialist Democrats and Republican party. The Republican party will save the country from the radical left and all the lies.

Ousting Liz Cheney is the best thing that has been done in the GOP in a long time. We don't need RINO in the leadership of the GOP, promoting leftist lies.

I am glad RJ is a Democrat and isn't trying to screw up the GOP with an agenda of making America last. I bet you're proud of the person in the White House trying to act like the president. Are you proud of what he is doing at our southern border? There are women and children being raped and abused. There are children being dropped over the border wall and children being drowned in the river and others left in the desert to fend for themselves. Others left to die in the desert. Is this how you treat human beings and build up our country?

You reference all the good things the Democrats are doing for our country. Your leader has destroyed the migrant process at the border. Your leader has runaway spending, higher taxes, long gas lines, higher energy costs. He gives the immigrants everything that American citizens can't get. With President Trump Americans came first. We had a growing economy, lower taxes, low unemployment rate for just a few of the things President Trump did.

America was great again and we had the respect of other nations. Now they are laughing at us.

Your leader in the White House doesn't know who he is or where he is half the time. He doesn't know the names of cabinet or what they do. He doesn't or can't answer questions from the press. There is one thing he is good at: telling lies to the public. He ran his campaign on lies. People in our nation have buyers remorse and the desire to put a real president in the White House and make America great again.

Bob Londo


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(5) comments

D Steel

Hilarious!!! Cognitive dissonance in print!

You have a potential career in political comedy!


I could fertilize my garden with this letter to the editor.


Much foolishness, and some hestelort.


My oh my, the fog of lies and conspiracy is thick around this one.


I agree with much of what you said, Bob, and glad to see you submit your letter to the paper. I am not a Republican (I am unaffiliated, but trend Libertarian), however, I do support many of the policies put forth by the Trump administration, and I hope that no matter who Republicans put forth for election in the future, they follow similar policies. As you said, Liz Cheney did not; glad to see her go. You hit the nail on the head about old grandpa Joe, though. Wonder about who's in the cabal that's really running the country? Esoteric question...we pretty much know who they are.

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