In my most humble opinion I feel there is something extremely wrong with society when grown men not only are not bothered by being caged like an animal, but appear to look forward to it.

To hear someone my age (59) make the statement "this is my last good meal for a while" the night before they were released, and then finding out that individual actually fought against being released in favor of staying in jail another 120 days, should alarm everyone to the mindset of the majority of those who are using this county jail as their residences.

I've personally witnessed several men get released and within the first 12 hours of their freedom they return because they wanted to have the services the jail offers (showers, meals, beds, heat, friends, medical, dental, medications, electricity, running water, toilets, reading material, security guards, mail service, laundry, phones, cabel TV, commissary).

Our system is broken. 

Homelessness is out of control with no solution in sight. The reason no one is coming up with a solution is because of the money, the revenue these people are generating. The pool of people of which to arrest from by law enforcement is a never ending resource that keeps on giving. Not only does law enforcement already know every vice these individuals have. They also know their criminal histories, which make it almost foolproof for them to assume one's guilt without the need of a crime being reported. An arrest is made, another person filed into jail awaiting processing through court at taxpayer's expense.

What a great plan. Arresting and incarcerating people who want to be in jail. What a racket.

David Zoeter


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Well David, give it enough think to reason out that eventually there will actually be a warm safe place for the homeless to not die in the Winter freezes and the jail can return to being a place for real criminals. Perhaps next Winter, you and the fam should pack up your camping equipment and spend a week at Diamond Lake. You'll understand immediately.


You must work in corrections or spend your time standing outside the local jail to see who is being released what they have to say and witness their next crime to get placed back in the local lockup.

Marine Vet

Thats what I was thinking too.


How does incarcerating homeless people bring revenue? To whom and from whom? Please explain.

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