This is how we wake up to Christmas?

Without a doubt, the food and the way the men are treated in this jail are totally unacceptable. The food isn't fit to be served to anyone. It's never hot and dinner is always the same two peanut butter sandwiches on the smallest bread they can find. Absolutely no respect at all.

Norbert Huntley

Douglas County Jail


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"Aren't fit for MEN?!" Male chauvinistic much? Definition of Chauvinism;

disapproving: a belief that men are superior to women.

So what is being stated is: 'The food is acceptable for women, but NOT for men?!' Alrighty, then! [angry] All of this aside, ALL food served in jail is more than even most homeless people, including children and disabled, receive. No prep, service or clean-up by the inmate...not to mention, a warm, dry place to sleep and other amenities! I do not for one second believe, only peanut butter sandwiches are served! In fact, I KNOW better! [sneaky]

Bottom line is: do the crime, spend the time...whilst being receiving better care than a homeless person. You should hang your head in shame, Mr. Huntley!



The News-Review's headline writer is responsible for those words, I believe, rather than the author of the letter.

I concur that we ought to treat homeless people far better than we do. We ought to treat the incarcerated far better than we do, as well.

Since you've castigated the author of the letter for words that he did not write, perhaps a apology is in order? I mean, while we are discussing treating people decently?


I watched one of those "Locked Up Abroad" TV shows recently -- about Pakistan. No contest -- so I'd be mighty happy with peanut butter sandwiches.


Humane treatment of prisoners is an imperative if not for the perpetrators of true crime then certainly for those who are wrongfully convicted.


Thank you, News Review, for printing this letter. It is good to know there are a few things we can all agree on.

Huge bbfan

If you are in jail it's because of a choice you made! Don't do stuff that will land you there.

It's totally your choice.


And it's the total choice of government and law enforcement to follow or violate the 8th Amendment to the United States Constitution. In the recent past, the Douglas County jail was found to have violated the part about cruel and unusual punishment of prisoners.


The jail may be doing everything right. Or not. In 2019, Douglas County settled a "cruel and unusual punishment" lawsuit over issues of egregious sanitation and the withholding of medical care.

It would probably be good if a person in authority, independent from the sheriff's department, did an audit on what prisoners are being fed. Maybe the jail is doing everything by the book. But checking on it is certainly cheaper than waiting for more problems to develop.


I'm glad that a person who apparently sells heroin is in jail. And for a really long time. That said, we treat incarcerated people inhumanely all too often. I don't know if the assertions about the food are accurate. If they are, diet ought to be improved.


I'm happy that a person who appare


A person in jail complaining about the 3-star service. [rolleyes]


If you're not happy with jail accommodations, going through your public arrest records (which is many) may I suggest you stop doing drugs and get caught while driving under the influence of them?



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