Except for a small handful of conscientious, constitution-defending senators, with this second impeachment acquittal, the vast majority of the Republican congressmen and women have undeniably affirmed their spineless allegiance to Donald Trump's unhinged, egocentric "leadership." Not a single, courageous soul in the bunch.

I fear the republic of our founding fathers remains in jeopardy. May the Republican party as we know it today self-implode. And may a more rational, conspiracy-free party emerge from the ashes.

Bill Brownsberger


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Bill, give it time. There's plenty of justice making its way to the worst president in the history of our country. He's going to get real busy trying to find lawyers to fend off all the investigation subpoenaes, indictments, civil lawsuits, and the utter destruction of every bit of his fake empire while he languishes in a 10x10 concrete cell at the graybar motel.

As for the crazed dictator wannbe's army, "So far, federal prosecutors say they've charged approximately 234 people for their alleged roles in the riot and opened over 400 investigations into possible criminals." The FBI is on it.

It's just a matter of time: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/capitol-riot-arrests-2021-02-16/


I am not party affiliated, preferring to avoid being part of a cult. However, I do lean heavily conservative in my opinion and voting. I fear I will no longer be able to vote republican in my life time because of what the party now stands for, or more importantly what they don't stand for.



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