"Filthy Traitor." That's the label Citizens Against Tyranny would hang on me because I have reported not one, but two places of business for failing to follow masking rules during this pandemic. I used the information in the excellent newsletter published daily by our own Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team to make those reports.

Did I do that to have the businesses close down? Of course not; I have patronized both of them for years. They are a part of my routine and important to my own interests. I reported them because I wanted all their patrons and employees to be as safe as possible from COVID transmission.

Did these businesses have to close as a result of my actions? Not at all — they are still going strong, and as I have visited them recently, they were following the rules as they should.

I am mindful of the fact that "filthy" is the adjective used by Nazis in Germany in the late 1930's as they painted slurs on the places of business owned by the minority they set out to intimidate and finally eliminate. Is this the beginning of such a movement here in Douglas County?

As for Senator Dallas Heard's involvement in this organization and his choosing a church as the platform to encourage the congregation to become involved in political activity, that is deeply disturbing. It violates the separation of church and state that was so fundamental to the beliefs of the founders of our nation. They believed it was essential for the success of the survival of the country. It's high time the senator re-read the Constitution and his oath to uphold it.

Prudy Zorotovich


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Prudy Zorotovich, you are exactly right, in your letter, and in your prior actions.

We all want as many people and businesses to get out of this alive, and on the other side of the pandemic. People who refuse to wear masks and observe other reasonable measures, are all providing an environment in which the virus may flourish and kill.

I suspect that your appeal that Dallas Heard *re*read the Constitution rests on an untrue assumption.


[thumbup] Good letter.

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