Having lunch with a friend he mentioned the number of jobs currently available and his belief that people are incentivized to remain unemployed. He made this comment other conservatives, and some democrats believe to be true. He claimed giving the unemployed a $1000.00 a week is a deterrent work. That President Biden is at fault for extending the American Rescue Plan from the COVID-19 stimulus. I mentioned that we are all responsible, he denied being responsible. I dropped the conversation, not clarifying my statement.

Why I believe society has its part in the current reluctance for returning to work: First is demand for inexpensive products. Second is allowing corporate America to control the economy. Third is an unwillingness to strike in unified objection to low wages. Fourth is tax cuts never trickle down.

The continued stereo type of the poor as lazy, cannot manage money, chose to live in poverty, do not want to prosper is subjective. An increasing gap in property values to income ratio makes purchasing homes impossible. An economy designed to limit the advancement of health, wellness, and financial independence. An increasing population that shifts employer power to hire at lower wages. Decreasing available natural resources. The shift of the industrial economy to a service-based economy. The reluctance to change the way of doing business to disperse wealth. The decrease appreciation of labor by corporations setting lower wages and reduced benefits to increase profits for shareholders. What is not discussed is how to fix the problem of pay discrepancy. The instability of the job market from the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is hard enough that minimum wage earners scrap to get by. To ridicule them is wrong ethically and morally. To increase pay is the way to persuade a person to work.

Robert W. Cooper


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"An economy designed to limit the advancement of health..." is all too true when you see House Rep Katie Porter expose big pharma. Scroll down the page to see her tweet: https://thehill.com/homenews/house/554329-katie-porter-brings-her-whiteboard-to-accuse-pharma-ceo-of-inflating-drug

George Weston

Your friend doesn't know what he is talking about regarding the unemployed being given a $1000 a week. His garbage in garbage out (GIGO) means he has been fed the garbage and is now sending the garbage out.


Thank you for this thoughtful letter. Too many of our fellow Douglas County residents, and conservatives, are ready to proclaim unemployment benefits recipients as the new "welfare queens," forgetting all about the current pandemic and its ramifications.



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