Executive orders and a partisan passed stimulus bill without GOP input is the same old strategy of the previous administration. President Biden and Democrats want bipartisan resolve going forward. The partisan vote to push the stimulus does not show effort toward bipartisanship. The current $1.9 trillion is a big ask. That the republican lawmakers would not agree to that amount of funding is expected.

The republican counteroffer of $600 billion was far short of the Democratic request, but was a faith-based effort at bipartisan cooperation. Republicans wanted reduced dollar amounts in relief checks, unemployment weekly benefits, and shorter unemployment extensions. The $1.9 trillion was a non-negotiable part of Biden’s stimulus bill. The Republican offer contained several good points worth mentioning in their proposal.

In the first stimulus package, unemployment benefits increased by $600 per week in addition to state checks until July; incarcerated inmates signed up for unemployment and received checks; distribution of small business loans was plagued with issues. These are a few of unresolved issues from the first stimulus that should be corrected.

Republicans sought a change in qualifications for receiving stimulus checks. Their proposal included exclusion of inmates and incarcerated people. Direct checks to individuals earning less than $40K and couples earning less than $100K was reasonable. They also wanted a lessor amount in unemployment compensation.

Working with Republicans to hammer out a bipartisan stimulus is a political goal. At this critical time Republicans and Democrats need now more than ever to include party feedback in this stimulus demonstrating bipartisan cooperation. Failure at bipartisanship now is critical more than ever in our history. Otherwise, the game remains the same partisan rhetoric that plagued our democracy the decades.

Robert Wayne Cooper


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Bipartisanship is a two-way street. Listening to leading Republican Mitch McConnell's speech following his and his fellow Republicans vote to acquit former President Trump is hard to ignore and believe Republicans are willing to turn on a dime and now claim to be bipartisan. And its not just Republicans. It takes two to tango and the Democrats share equal blame in their on-going negotiations. Though its a wonderful goal to aspire to, it appears neither political party really wants bipartisanship despite their frequent claims to the contrary.


"President Biden and Democrats want bipartisan resolve going forward. The partisan vote to push the stimulus does not show effort toward bipartisanship."

Bob? Remember the pandemic? It's still with us and has killed over 480,000 citizens in our country. Biden ran on and is now committed to making sure the American people can stay alive, get back to work, remain housed, and feed their families. During the presidential campaign he remained consistent in his message that addressing the state of the economy that Covid-19 plunged us into would be his first and most aggressive priorities.

Remember Fascism? That form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy? It's now part of Congress and will be one of our nation's most prominent struggles going forward. It has brought down low and nearly broken one political party into non-existence. It has kept us captivated and captured in its purpose to destroy how our government works.

Before we begin to complain, let's wait and see how Biden's first 100 days in office, with his aggressive plan to heal people, bring education back, and restore our livelihoods to a thriving economy, affects our country.

And let's go forward with the hope that bipartisanship can return to our governmental legislative bodies in the future. We all should be aware that it really is up to all of us to make sure our elected representation in government works for us rather than for their personal political futures. We must work to take billions of dollars out of politicians pockets, and put it into investing in the 329 million people who make up our United States.

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