At my house, we will be skipping the China Winter Olympics that will be starting in a few days.

Let me explain.

I'm a big fan of the Olympic Games and have had the privilege of attending events in Montreal (1976) and Los Angeles (1984).

However, the hosting of the winter sports by the People's Republic of China makes me uncomfortable enough to conduct my one-man boycott.

In China today we see the concentration/reeducation camps for Uighur (Muslim) minority. Multiple human rights groups have termed what is happening there as genocide.

Adherents of the Falun Gong philosophy are commonly subjected to brutal oppression.

Treatment of minorities may include forced labor (slavery), sexual abuse and organ harvesting, a benign name for a barbaric practice.

China is in violation of treaties guaranteeing autonomy for Hong Kong. They are building islands for military bases in the South China Sea and Indian Ocean, almost certainly in violation of international law.

China has not been forthcoming in the investigation of the origins of COVID-19 that has already led to the deaths of well over 800,000 American and over 5 million people worldwide.

Going back in history, we could include the Tiananmen Square massacre, the millions of government forced abortions under the "one-child" policy and the period when it was popular to display a "Free Tibet" bumper sticker.

And this is only a small sample of the tragedies and lawlessness of this communist regime stretching from the millions of their own people who died due to the policies of Mao Zedong up through the theft of intellectual property that continues today.

I greatly admire the display of talent, dedication and even artistry of the athletes from around the world, but, just like the Nazi Olympics of 1936 and the USSR games of 1980 that the U.S. boycotted, there are larger issues at stake.

Roger Shaffer


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I've been quietly doing my little bit to avoid buying products obviously from China. It requires reading labels, sometimes with a magnifying glass and searching the 'net for info about brand names. I say that I avoid buying, not that I've eliminated buying from China. Sometimes there's not enough info available, sometimes I'm careless. Sometimes you just don't know.

I've been doing this for maybe 7 years after becoming alarmed about the effects of cheap imports and learning about forced (slave) labor in China.

The net result is that I buy a lot less stuff. I've given up impulse buying. I've failed to convince some family members.

I like being a more thoughtful shopper and I like buying less stuff. The impact on China? Zero. But if thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of people made an effort, maybe in time the U.S. government might re-think some trade agreements.

In the meantime, I'm happy to have gotten used to having less stuff. Lately, the big problem has been shoes. I've worn shoes made in England for years, but the quality has changed and the price has gone down. Yep. No longer made in England.


Is this boycott going to hurt China?


The US is totally reliant on Chinese imports. U.S. goods imported from China totaled $434.7 billion in 2020. We have almost zero leverage. All the tough talk is simply posturing.


Roger: concur in boycott. Less burdensome for me, though, because I really don't much care for the spectacle. But China ought to be treated as a pariah.

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