This is a multiple part letter concerning America's endless political crises. Illegal immigrants who got into the U.S. should never have voting rights because they broke the law getting here in the first place. America doesn't owe law breaking migrants anything. The communist-loving Democrats are using any tactic in the "communist manifesto" to destroy America. Namely allowing millions of illegals into America, giving them amnesty. Then they're able to vote. Then Democrats will be the controlling party so they'll be able to pass any law they want. Thus ending freedom to choose what "we the people" want. The "communist manifesto" represents a misguided philosophy which teaches citizens to give up their rights for the sake of the "common good," but always ends in a police state. This is called preventive justice. Control is the key concept. Like heavy progressive income taxes, confiscation of property, government control of communications and transportation, government control of education, control of labor, regional planning, and ownership of factories and agriculture. Democrats have a good start with much of this with the lying Joe Biden and his goon squad Gestapo in Congress who say they want to "fundamentally change America." We are not perfect, but the best hope on earth. We have a constitution that spells out exactly how to change it, either by amendment or repealment. There are many illegal so-called laws on the books in America that would not pass Constitutional muster. I was told this by a lawyer 40 years ago and I believe it. We are not bound to obey laws contrary to the Constitution. This includes judges, lawyers and police officers. But litigation costs money so we have to elect representatives who know the Constitution and not make law on emotions. Like gun control.

Robert Hilliard


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George Weston

The letter writer would likely agree that all Republicans are white extremists. He seems to think that all Democrats communists and does not cite any proof regarding this. Maybe he needs to do a little homework and get is facts correct.


The 2A as written literally says "Any armament, anyone, anywhere", Tell me why I can't legally have say, a grenade launcher, or a trunk load of fully automatic machine guns. Get's a little complicated, doesn't it? A cowboy hat, a gun, and a high school education and they suddenly become an expert in constitutional law.




Momos: you are thinking way too small. Why not nuclear weapons and biological weapons?

Now, it's true, the founders did not envision nuclear anything, but they were already familiar with biological weapons.

(Neither did they envision automatic weapons or flush toilets.)


"Control is the key concept. Like heavy progressive income taxes, confiscation of property", ---- Ask your local commissioners why they were willing to allow a private corporation to take your land for a pipeline, is that communism???


I'm of a certain age, so I remember TV and radio commercials that asked people "to donate $1 to the national "Mental Health Foundation" (or whatever it was called).

Sadly, I believe that birds of a feather flock together for comfort as much as safety, and for too many these days, Fox News on-line is their safe place; happy.


Robert Hilliard, it must be very stressful to constantly worry about things that have not happened, will not happen, and cannot happen.

I'm pretty sure, though, that the Commies under your bed are real.

You should check.



I mean, the fact that you can't see them is just proof how deep the conspiracy goes. Bill Gates and George Soros gave the CommieBoogeyMen cloaking devices. And 5G.


What is so sad about this letter is that the writer and millions like him believe what he wrote.

We desperately need a campaign to promote civic literacy.


Bob, you've been tricked by Heritage Action and Face Book. "Federal law requires citizenship to vote in national elections, and would-be voters sign a form attesting under penalty of perjury that they are citizens when they register to do so. ... PolitiFact has reported, states can check various databases to verify voters’ citizenship status." You see, when some Republicans fear they might lose power, that they no longer have policies and ideals acceptable for all, rather than improve those policies and ideals they choose to lie and lie some more till they accomplish tricking people just like you. Read and learn:

What should bother you more is that 19 states have now passed 34 anti-voting laws. Some people don't want some people to vote. Some of the laws now ensure the entire state may as well not vote. Some State Legislatures now have total control over the outcome of the people's vote, if they refuse to accept the peoples' will they can now change that vote any ole way they want. The right to vote is the only real right the people of this country have. But now a few people choose to be subversive to the will of the people. source:


Another example of why Canadians are becoming increasingly concerned about a postdemocratic America on their border.

Scott Mendelson

What makes you think that, "We the people" means you and your friends with everyone else excluded?

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