Tracy Reid, great take on the science deniers among us. My sympathy for all you have endured in your struggle for survival.

As I sit here writing, i am listening to music brought to me by — wait for it — science! Do I deny its existence, its beauty, just because it is being delivered to me via the internet? No, I embrace it, love it and am grateful to those who have created it.

The smart men who crafted our Constitution actually included among the powers granted to Congress the power to promote the progress of science and useful arts. Doubt this? Look it up. You will find it in Article I, Section 8. Wow, those guys really knew what they were doing. Science has produced one marvelous invention after another.

It cannot be overlooked, however, that some of the inventions (for example, those involving the use of fossil fuels) have contributed to the destruction of life on our planet. We must abandon our love affair with stuff we dig/pump out of the ground and turn to the clean energy sources that exist in abundance.

Keep singing, Barbra. I am listening.

Are you listening? Do you hear the crackling of the forest fires as they gorge themselves on what appears to be an unlimited supply of fuel? Can you feel their intense heat and smell the acrid air as it spreads across the land?

World population now exceeds seven billion. Some scientists believe that earth can continue to support a mere fraction of that number. What do you think? If science is right and disastrous climate changes occur, will there be enough arable land, enough clean water, sufficient areas above sea level for humanity to survive?

Food for thought.

Anna Burton


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Ms. Pellegrino-Reid

Thank you Anna for your compassion. We are all enduring unbearable hardships, economy, health, loss of loved ones, excessive worry about fires, climate , pandemics, future pandemics and the duality of life. I wish I thought we could reverse the outcome for Oregon, California and the fire prone states, I wish. The science of it all is saying otherwise. We might survive but will we ever be the same? I wonder if my grandchild, locked in his parents house for summers on end will ever have the carefree habitat I had on the east coast, fresh air, summer at the beach, roaming trails or skiing slopes in Vermont. I have a feeling he won't. I am moving to Vermont as Oregon's fire seasons are wreaking havoc on my ashthma and my central nervous system. My darned left eye twitching like Herbert Lom from the Pink Panther Movie, from taut nerves.

Perhaps some science genius will find some simple solution?

In the meantime Barbara Streisand sounds about right or ZZ Top or Bad Company about now. That's what they call me, Bad Company, till the day I die! I shall ever voice my opinion and use scientific facts to try to compel those willing to listen, we need less opinion and more science. I shall miss Oregon but will keep my subscription and chime in every so often. Tracy from Glendale


Like you, Anna, I believe that the proverbial you-know-what has already hit the fan. When it comes to climate change, carbon saturation, burning oil, water and food crises, it all boils down to uncontrolled population explosion. It's not a Christian thing, not a Buddhism thing -- not any religion in particular -- just too many people, and the future seems unable to sustain uncontrolled growth.

The world's people are caught between a rock and a hard place right now, but you wouldn't know it thanks to lack of concern and denial. It seems basic to humans to ignore stuff until it becomes an emergency. The WORLD needs to act, but just look at conflict in our own little town and let me know how that's going to go. One thing for certain, this rock has been here for billions of years, and the sun will disinfect the place one way or the other someday -- I just hope it's after I'm gone. But, I'll be saving my last bullet if it comes sooner.


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Well said and spot on, Anna. Wouldn't it be terrible if we spent all this money on clean-air technologies and made the world a better place when we didn't have too? That cold calculus is the bet that science-deniers are making (this is just a natural elevation in temperature, and we'll be complaining about it being too cold very, very soon). Also, think about getting up and going to work: You crawl out of your hi-tech air bed (brought to you by science), brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush (brought to you by science), take a shower in hot water (science), put on your clothing of manmade fabric (science), put on your glasses (science), get in your car (science), travel by paved road (science), badge in at work (science), get an instant cup of coffee (science), and plop down in front of your computer monitor (once again, science). Science, science, science. Can't say it often or loud enough.


Ultimately Ana, the answer is no, we cannot sustain human life on the planet. It's really very simple and I've posted it before; when humans work to kill the planet, the planet will try to kill them back. I believe this will be our lesson from the Covid viruses. How many can humans can Earth sustain:

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