In his letter to the editor letter on April 21, Bill Streitz writes, "We settled the Roseburg Indian issue 5-10 years ago in a mature and considerate fashion carried home by then-Sen. Jeff Kruse. The local tribe signed on and all parties were happy. We respect our local tribe and others. What's to be ashamed about?"

Well, Mr. Streitz, let me explain what there is to be ashamed about. I've been told by tribe members that the local tribe was threatened with having funds taken away and that they were effectively coerced into signing the agreement. That is a huge thing to be ashamed about. The fact that the local tribe was not happy but seemingly had no choice is a big thing to be ashamed about.

Mr Streitz then continues, asking "What's next? Is someone going to dig up historical dirt and then we have to rename things like Fremont, Jo Lane, Harvard, Stephens streets, for example?" Well, the fact is that the dirt doesn't have to be dug up. It is common knowledge that these namesakes were all racist figures in Oregon's past, and I, for one, see no problem in removing these reminders of our extreme racist history in both our city and our state. I thought so when I attended the schools here in the late 1970's and early 1980's, and I still think so now.

Mark Lenihan


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The Cow Creek Tribe of the Umpqua Band of Indians contributes millions of dollars to our community, so I find it very hard to believe that they did not have any leverage or could have been blackmailed. That makes no sense. I know several tribal members as well who really have no objection to the Indian mascot.


As an American Indian, I am not bothered by names denoting tribes, etc. Names are chosen to honor - not denegrate.


Sure, Rise. N*****head Ranch was a name intended as an honor, I am certain.


Hey Rise. Go to the library or visit online and check out a copy of the Winter 2019 issue of the Oregon Historical Quarterly. Or you can read it online here:

You might learn a thing or two.

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