I never realized Douglas County, Oregon was a Third Word Country until I tried to gain equal access to Covid Vaccine. My husband and I are 72 and 71, respectively. We live near Elkton, Oregon. He is a cancer survivor and is increasingly infirm. I have high blood pressure. At present the closest place we can supposedly get the vaccine is in Sutherlin, a 54 mile round trip. Before they shut it down because they had no supply, we were added to a list to be called by Sutherlin Drug for Covid Vaccinations. Unfortunately, they still don't have any supply.

We contacted the governor's office, the OHA, the local health authority and our representatives trying to fix this inequity. It has not helped.

Governor Brown says the state is doing good relative to vaccinations. She cites the larger counties and metro/urban areas. However, most of the state is still in a vaccine drought as shown on the map during the latest presentation by Director Allen of the Oregon Health Authority. He stated some smaller counties aren't getting as much allocated because the OHA leaves it up to the county commissioners. Some counties are allocated less because the commissioners believe the citizens aren't interested. This is flat out wrong in Douglas County. BiMart and Sutherlin Drug in Sutherlin are constantly getting calls from people wanting Covid Vaccines.

Governor Brown will be opening eligibility to other groups sooner than she planned. This means there will be even less to go around for those who are of higher priority, who haven't yet had the opportunity to receive vaccines. My husband and I should not be punished because our commissioners are unaware of our needs.

This is my frustration speaking. Can you hear me?

Vi Huntley-Franck


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KQEN this morning said that over 1,000,000 - that's million - people have been vaccinated in this state. Combine that with the people who don't need the vaccine, or the really young, and that just about covers it - there are only about 4 million total in this state - so who are you referring to? It seems to me that the vaccine has reached a whole lot of people already.


You do realize that Pfizer and Moderna vaccine requires two shots, right?


Easily found data: There are 4.218 million people in Oregon. 618,000 people have been fully vaccinated. That's 14.66% of Oregon's population. Once again, "whole lot" and "people who don't need" are opinion only.


Vi, you're not alone. People on the coast also want to know when vaccines will reach them and whether it will be through the hospital, doctor's offices, or the guy who lives under the bridge. Currently I expect any advice to you would be to try to travel where the mass vaccinations are occurring on a less than adequately notifying schedule. Yes, more effort is needed. Yes, the big thinkers in charge need to be replaced with those who actually care.

Marine Vet

Vi Huntley-Franck. I Hear you. This is just so sad.


If the Oregon Health Authority leaves vaccine allocations up to the county commissioners, that would certainly explain why the percentage of Douglas County residents is 5th from last in Oregon.

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