What’s our future look like with ongoing pandemic?

What follows, was inspired by the letter from Lisa Lanza that appeared in the Tuesday edition of The News-Review.

Certainly, it is one of the more lucid commentaries on the subject of COVID-19 that I have read. While she and I come at this subject from different angles, we share many of the same concerns.

Speaking Monday of this week on “Elijah Streams,” an online platform for prophets, Robin D. Bullock prophesied to the effect, that when they (the purveyors of all things COVID) run out of variants, they have something even more malevolent in store for the unsuspecting citizens of planet earth. Something so terrifying, “that it will cause the unvaccinated, to run to get jabbed.”

What can possibly be in these vaccines, that makes it so imperative to “them” for all of us to get it? I fear that it is not necessarily a deep desire for the common good. Whatever it is, I’ve got it, thanks to my own lack of research and so I shall trust in the Lord to keep me from any ill effects.

Through all of the fog and dissembling of the past 20-odd months, I have come to firmly believe in the following: that COVID-19 did not come to us from nature and that the currently available vaccines did not come to us from heaven.

Many of you will say “what kind of a kook is this guy, writing in about some other kook who claims to hear from God?” Well, kook No. 1 is kooky enough to believe in God and his son, Jesus Christ. Kook No. 2 does a really good job of speaking for himself (and for God at times).

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Ed Armstrong


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D Steel

This LTE and Ms Lanza’s are a scream for mental health evaluations. Please refer the authors to the nearest mental health facility where their evaluation and treatment can commence. Seriously, don’t feed the delusions of those in need of help.


Usually, it's people living with some form of mental illness that listen to voices in their head. Why is religion any different?


I don't like some of the letters the N-R prints, but I don't feel conflicted about it. The N-R has a long history of printing as many letters as possible, even letters that most people might see as downright nutty. That goes back long before the current owners and editors.

In the past, there were some editorial rules that went beyond the written guidelines. At my request, former editor Bart Smith discussed this. He made it clear that the N-R is not a gossip rag. It's not a place to play out personal grudges. Letters about individuals or businesses or agencies that were full of blaming and shaming and finger pointing did not get published. Letters dripping in scripture did not get published. Letter seeking free advertising for businesses or products did not get printed.

If a letter writer had a problem with a politician or business, they had better write about their policies, procedures, projects and plans, not about personalities or families. Accusations that could be libelous did not get printed.

The N-R doesn't have to print any letters. Freedom of the press belongs to the people who own the press, not to the people who want free access to it.

My political stance has usually not been in alignment with the owners, publishers and editors of the N-R. My letters were still published as long as I followed Bart's rules. It might help if Ian shared the unwritten rules he goes by.

So even though I dislike Ed's letter, I don't mind that it's been published, seeing that I have often been the person whose views are far out of alignment with the rest of Douglas County.

I'm grateful for the Public Forum and for our ability to agree or disagree with what other people say. I really disagree with Ed's letter.


The following letter I submitted to the News-Review days ago will almost certainly not be published:

"The News-Review published Douglas County vaccination numbers that are untrue. On December 23, the News-Review claimed in their front page headline that, "County Vaccine Rate Hits 72.5%." Yet sources (Oregon Health Authority, Center for Disease Control) that track county vaccinations indicate only 50.8% of Douglas County is fully vaccinated on December 29. Even our County Commissioners press release issued on December 29 states 50.8%.

By publishing such misinformation, the News-Review misleads residents into believing Douglas County is closer to its mythical Herd Immunity than we really are. Resident on the cusp of finally getting vaccinated may have decided it was unnecessary for them or their children because we’ve falsely achieved Herd Immunity. If so, the misinformation published by the News-Review could lead to further avoidable deaths.

The News-Review needs to publish a front page retraction and correction to the misinformation it published on December 23, two days before Christmas."


I think it would be good if Ian and Co. published a New Year editorial on why some letters are published and some letters are not.

I think I know why, but I could be wrong. I've never met Ian Campbell or Mike Henneke or other staff. I don't know their thoughts. But I'm pretty sure there are rules that go above and beyond the written guidelines.

Bart Smith graciously spelled that out, but he's no longer The Guy*. It would be helpful to hear from the current Guys.

*I use "guy" and "guys" as non-gendered words. Hope you guys don't mind.


So, it's been 22 hours since this bat-guano-insane letter was published. If anyone feels like they are in withdrawal, I recommend this to you:



Everything is relative. My nomination for your "crazy award":

Texas has such an active — if still marginal — secession movement that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) breezily engaged a question about it at a recent conservative event at Texas A&M University, saying that he was “not there yet” but that if Democrats “fundamentally destroy the country,” then, “I think we take NASA, take the military, take the oil.”

I'd say: Teddy could really use a Pakistani vacation right about now to clear out his brain fog, although this stupid can't be fixed.

(Excerpted from the Washington Post 12/31/21)

Huge bbfan

I think that the future of the pandemic will be what we saw in NYC this week of 8 policeman forcibly removing a woman and her 5 year old son from a restaurant. Just because they can.


Huge, frightening, isn't it?


There’s two sides to your one-sided story:

“A recent video showed officers removing a mother and child from a New York restaurant because they were unable to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination…The video, which was posted across social media, begins by showing a New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer walking up to a table and telling a young child's mother that if she doesn't have a COVID-19 vaccine card, she must leave…Another NYPD officer tells patrons that ‘unless you have [COVID-19] vaccination cards, you have to exit the restaurant’…The officer continues, "if you leave voluntarily you will not have charges pressed against you. Otherwise, you will be arrested for trespass. This will be your only warning."

The video appears to be taken at an Applebees in the Queens Center Mall where a protest was taking place against the city's COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Dozens of anti-vaccine mandate protesters had staged a 'sit-in' at the restaurant after they were refused service for not proving their vaccination status, as part of a series of demonstrations against the rules.



And your point is? Mike? I think our point is that the "rules" are insane.


You would be wrong.....again.


kaydee, you ever watch the TV shows COPS or LIVE PD? The men and women of law enforcement don't struggle with sane/insane -- their only concern is lawful or unlawful. Furthermore, there is only one bottom line in the lawful/unlawful equation: safety of the citizenry.

We are a Democratic Republic. We elect people to positions of authority in order to provide guidance and reduce chaos. If we don't agree we have the right -- the responsibility -- to vote for changes, but in the interim laws need to be enforced.

Personally, I'm disappointed that people in our county are fighting this virus like they were cave men...basically throwing spears against the wind and claiming they killed the disease -- and 65 miles to our north people are basically living in harmony and following the mandates, making an effort.


InfoWars host and previous staunch and outspoken Trump supporter Alex Jones slammed Trump and called him "pathetic" for supporting the COVID-19 vaccine.

The first of many to come.



No one speaks for God, Ed. They only speak for a book, one that was written hundreds of years after a man named Jesus lived as a man on Earth. A book that has been translated over and over, changed by kings, abridged by clergy of all stripe and desire. You speak only for other men. Ones who have only shown and continue to show a delusional arrogance of omni-importance. Go in peace, but do go.


I am pretty conflicted about the News-Review's decision to publish this letter and Lisa Lanza's letter.

Both letters reflect disordered thinking that is, to put it politely, bonkers, bat – guano crazy, and outhouse rat insane, but both letters are illustrative of the dangerous anti-science, anti-evidence claptrap that is the enemy of reason and the health of the nation.

My hope is that this letter in particular is so extreme and demented that perhaps a few readers here will see the light.

Fiat lux, and all that.


Agree. This letter is not helpful.


I do support his right to post it here though.


Florida Governor Ron Desantis and his anti-masker surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, appear to have deserted their constituents. The last time either made an appearance in public was on December 19th when Desantis revealed he had chosen not to get the booster during his interview on Fox News. Since then, Covid cases in Florida have climbed from 8,000 per day to over 77,000 per day, and seem likely to continue climbing.

Outraged Orlando County Mayor Jerry Demings declared. “Where is our governor? Where is Ron DeSantis now?”



If "The Don" Trump accidentally sat on him he might still be alive, but only time will tell how many brain cells survived.


I too have grave reservations about the News Review printing such ignorant dribble. The paper seems to be in the habit of printing letters which are based in superstition and anti-science. That is a very Irresponsible thing to do. We have enough ignorant people in Douglas County. Don't add to the pool.


Fluoride, schlmuoride. It's time to add olanzapine to the drinking water.

Tom Wingo

"Many of you will say “what kind of a kook is this guy, writing in about some other kook who claims to hear from God?”" -- HOLY !@#$! YOU ARE A PROPHET!

Tom Wingo

"Speaking Monday of this week on “Elijah Streams,” an online platform for prophets, Robin D. Bullock prophesied ..." = What is ailing America.


Jesus wept.

Scott Mendelson

Mr. Armstrong, I looked up your hero, Robin D Bullock, to see what he had to say. I watched his video speech, "A Special Prophetic Word" given on 8/17/2021. Along with talking about the horrors of masks and vaccinations, he lamented the modern Church's lack of faith. Then he turned to praise Smith Wigglesworth, the British Pentecostalist. He said that Wigglesworth's faith and power from God were so strong that he sometimes dragged corpses out of their coffins and raised them from the dead. You and Robin Bullock, Sir, are not kooks. You are both dangerous lunatics. You need to stop jeopardizing the health and safety of our community with your nonsense.



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