Reality is a thinking man's challenge. Bumper sticker on an electric vehicle parked at a Roseburg store the other day — "My car is powered by the sun!"

Yep! Right after it's processed through that coal fired, hydro, wind, solar, nuclear powered generating plant — all of which have their own specific eco-hazard issues - not to mention the rare earth minerals used in the batteries, which are mined in countries that have less then stellar reputations treating their "employees," or the fact that the residue from those batteries are classified as hazardous waste, bringing forth problematic disposal issues — again eco-non-friendly. Fortunately, those rare earth minerals are somewhat limited, eventually restricting the number who opt to be "powered by the sun."

They walk among us.

Doug Hoffman


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My pickup is also powered by the sun. Well okay, it's powered by gas but I only drive it when the sun shines. [beam]


That bumper sticker made more sense than the one I saw the other day. It said "Trump Won".


Dolt45 has a lot of idjit fans here.


Doug, your view appears to be somewhat narrow.

It's true that coal is still in the e-mix, but its share is coming down (and is already lower than renewables in this country). It's likely that the owner of this car gets electricity from DEC (84% hydro, 11% nuc, 5% other), or from Pacific Power and can choose Blue Skies and abjure coal. Or she or he might have rooftop solar that charges the car.

Wind, wave, hydro are all one quick step from direct solar energies.

Rare earth elements are not rare, and are being replaced as battery technologies advance rapidly; some are in critically short supply, but not for more than about 5-10 years, I think. Extractive industries will always be problematic, but extraction that reduces global warming in the long-term is a decent investment.

Ditto investments in fusion.


Solar shingles for folks who don't want panels:


I've seen bumper stickers that said My Car is Powered by Jesus and others that said My Car is Powered by the Son.

Sure that's not what you saw?


My car is powered by the sun as well. Millions of years ago the energy of the sun was transferred to organisms (mostly flora) on Earth, and it eventually became crude oil. We're burning it up at an ever-increasing rate, and it isn't going to last forever. Not to worry, though -- humans are smart enough to fix anything.

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