Sutherlin High teachers were recently sent home due to a student's positive COVID test, while fellow students with whom he had greater contact remained in class. One instructor had acquired immunity from an earlier COVID case, but that didn't factor into the state's opinion.

The government has now imposed gender confusion in classrooms, restrooms and sports. And beyond-basic-biology sex education that persuades young minds of aggressive activist agendas. Critical Race Theory infiltrates classrooms, undermining national cohesion. The state abandons academic proficiencies (since they've proven elusive?).

Have Salem's social engineers given us the slightest reason to believe they'll ever relinquish power and affirm local decision-making? For now yet another line is being crossed — the terminated employment of friends, family and neighbors. Why? Because they assert a personal vaccine precaution. Freedom, remember?

Our government's attitude is evident: it warns that some go too far in insisting the people's voice remains during the pandemic. But it is reasonable, and urgent, to ask, "Where is the point where government has gone to far?"

Will vaccine papers or visible identification be required next? Will "privileges" be granted according to citizen score cards? Are quarantine facilities ahead for the non-compliant? Preposterous notions? Except they're appearing worldwide. For everyone's good, of course.

I have the nostalgic notion that superintendents, principals and school board members are first and foremost voices for their constituents, rather than government agents. And that schools should responsively reflect the priorities and goals of local taxpayers, not the woke aspirations of an agenda-driven political elite.

So again, I ask: At what point do we say enough? Remember America's history of calling out tyranny. And the exhortation that every generation must be vigilant for freedom. So if our government servants dare trespass their boundaries, do we dare say "No" in response?

Len Bodeen


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Same story different day. Another Trumper!


All these tough talkers spouting about a revolt, an uprising, an insurrection, blah blah blah are a sad lot. Being consumed by fear, hate and anger is no way to live. Turn off the tv, take a walk outdoors, and think about how good you have it compared to 99% of the people alive today. Or, wallow in misery, buy more guns and build a bunker. Maybe think hard about moving to Idaho. Please.


Covid is depends on who needs to control whom.


Arbitrary? Random choice? I'm sorry to often be a pain in your thinking cushion, but I believe some sort of explanation is required, and would sincerely be appreciated.


Good luck with that. Mrs. Briggs never returns to defend her misinformation comments. Never links to a source of her opinion. She's probably been living in China or Russia the past 10 years.


Sounds to me like YOU are arbitrary.


Yet, a teacher at West Elementary tests positive

for Covid-19 and faculty agree to keep it 'hush

hush.' Teacher returns to work after initial symptoms

subside, long before required 'quarantine' is complete.

In the meantime, students with family members testing

positive for Covid-19, are in isolation for weeks, while

failing classes. [censored][censored][censored]

Scott Mendelson

It is fascinating how the conservative Right usurps the phrase, “We the People” as if the rest of us were simply a herd of elk. We are also people, and a large number of us disagree with the stupidity of your constant cries of “Freedom!” in the midst of a pandemic that has killed 700,00 Americans. Moreover, no one is imposing “gender confusion” in our classrooms. There is simply an effort to illuminate and ameliorate the very real suffering of a small percentage of children that fall outside of the bell curve of sexual identity. You should be thankful this didn’t befall you. Also, no one is teaching Critical Race Theory in Roseburg, though a thoughtful rendering of the very real suffering of minorities in this country needs to be conveyed despite the complaints of ignorant and complacent individuals. Again, your “undermining national cohesion” is simply your fear of no longer being in charge of, “The Truth.” I must confess that I do agree with your distress over the lack of academic standards. Being ignorant and stupid never helped anyone.


First of all, I doubt anyone would call your group a herd of elk, to be more accurate you’re a herd of sheep. Yes, we’re living through a plandemic that was spawned by the CCP and their quizzing Dr. Fauci, yet I don’t see you condemning them for the nonsense promulgated by the state government designed to destroy our economy. Finally, like all libs, in education you are far more focused on pushing the plight of poor unfortunates and the negative aspects of the history of minorities (cleverly omitting the Irish and Jews) rather than concentrating on the 3 Rs. Public education in the U.S. has been co-opted by liberal social engineers and the results are manifest. Math proficiency in Oregon public schools is 40%, below the national average. It’s so bad that your lib legislators and “queen Kate” decided to suspend math proficiency as a requirement for graduation. Public education in OR is all but dead.

Scott Mendelson

Interesting. Which is it Scomo, is covid a deadly bioweapon spawned by the Chinese Communist Party with the help and financing of Fauci intended to destroy America and the western world? Or is covid a hoax that no one dies from, and no one needs to get vaccinated against, or wear a mask for, just dreamed up by Libs to hurt Trump and the economy? You fools seem to want it both ways.

Moreover, can you read? I said I disdain the disappearance of academic standards.


Scott, well said. I generally refrain from feeding the trolls. The question, "can you read?" answers itself.

I did, apropos your comment, write recently:

As I understand it, there is a large number of people who believe:

1) the pandemic is a hoax

2) the vaccine is ineffective and dangerous

3) in some sort of Jedi mind-trick-reverse-psychology move, liberals are promoting the vaccine in order to make Republicans *not* take this ineffective and dangerous vaccine, and then these Republicans will die (from this HoaxVirus(TM)).

Did I miss anything?

Well, we got busted.

Republicans, the best way to "own the libs" right now is to just go get vaccinated! That'll show us. And we'll deserve all the pain you inflict. Make us suffer.


One last thing, if you lament the disappearance of academic standards then why pray tell do you promote wasting valuable class time on social engineering programs dealing with the issues you mentioned. It seems that it is you who wants to eat his cake and have it too.

Scott Mendelson

“It seems that it is you who wants to eat his cake and have it too.” Nice try, but there is no comparison. Your position is self-contradictory. Mine isn’t. Gender confusion is an aspect of neurodevelopment and sexual differentiation of the brain. These are deep subjects that I myself have studied in graduate school and in medical school. They add to education in biology, they do not detract from it. “ . . . a thoughtful rendering of the very real suffering of minorities in this country” is simply presenting an accurate story of American History. Most agree that American History is an important subject. Your view is quite skewed and presumptuous. I didn’t ignore the suffering of the Irish or the Jews. I welcome that discussion. I also didn’t ignore the abuse of the working men and women that organized the labor movement, or how women have long been cheated out of good educations and jobs. I simply believe that American History should be taught as a matter of truth, not as fairytales or wishful thinking. I’m not trying to have it both ways. I am trying to have it one way—the truthful way.


Ex-president Big Lie-bowski (or for that matter, Ted Cruz) might be proud of your oration. If it's your opinion that kids are growing up uneducated in this state, you couldn't be more wrong. They are expert at a plurality of gaming systems, and are highly proficient in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok...maybe some secret ones, too. Seriously, most don't think they will need more than that to be millionaires before the age of 20. Don't need no stinkin math or science!


Scott, I agree with all you wrote, except that last sentence. I mean: Louie Gohmert. Inter alia.

Scott Mendelson

True, dat.


One other thing Joey, I’m not a troll. Trolls are Scandinavian, I’m more of a leprechaun.

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