There is no point in having an "eligibility date" for seniors to receive the vaccine since there isn't any vaccine! Clearly, Douglas County isn't getting its allocation and has administered the lowest percentage of vaccines in the State. Meanwhile, in Lane County last week 5,500 people over 80 were vaccinated; one-third of their 15,000 seniors. The Health Dept is not holding mass vaccinations for seniors in Douglas County due to risk of COVID. Seniors are the very people who need immediate vaccinations and help navigating the maze as to where and how to sign up, as there is no Health Dept. sign-up. But we are left "high and dry". We registered through our pharmacy since our doctor doesn't administer vaccinations, and will be waiting until at least the last half of March at the earliest to receive ours. As of today, it is reported that COVID cases are down 33% in Oregon. But there were 114 deaths reported in the week ending 2/14. The previous week's deaths were 66. In one week 48 more people died of which approximately 90% were seniors who died needlessly because of inability to get their shots! Where is the urgency? Wonder where the vaccines are going? Almost 14,000 to convicts in Oregon, the homeless, school board members and metro areas. The mayor of Eugene in a TV interview, which I saw, divulged that in a phone conversation with Gov. Brown she asked about vaccinating the homeless and Brown said following the convicts receiving theirs, she would address this group. So unless you are over 65 and either are a convict, homeless or a school board member, don't count on getting inoculated anytime soon!

Elyse Williams


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For those who don't already have this information ... The following pharmacies may be able to offer vaccine when it's available: Bi-Mart, Fred Meyer, Costco and Albertson’s stores, as well as Gordon’s Pharmacy in Canyonville.

Personally, I'm not keen on the idea of mass vaccination events for seniors over 70 and 80+. I've taken care of various elderly in-laws, outlaws, grandmas and aunties and most couldn't stand in line or sit in cars or go without bathroom breaks for long periods of time. To me, it makes sense for elders to get their vaccination where they get their regular medical care and vaccinations, even if that's at a grocery story pharmacy.


Believe it or not there are some oldsters in Douglas County who do not have a health care provider. Yet the policy in Douglas County is to contact your health care provider for a vaccine.

There used to be a satirical website, or blog or something, that described Douglas County governance. It was called Comedy County. It still applies.

Totally inept.


Elyse, I feel that perhaps Governor Brown doesn't know about the need for the vaccine here in Douglas County because none of our leaders are actually asking for an adequate supply. Perhaps the Big Thinkers wrapped herd immunity around their collective wheel and decided no masks, no vaccines and dead people are the collateral we accept for our political convictions. Stay safe.

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