Which one is more criminal?

1. Mob boss No. 1 was eating lunch when he calls his two thugs to his table. He tells Lennie and Guido that Billy Bob's Bar is late with his security payment. He wants them to go down and teach Billy Bob a lesson. Lennie and Guido know exactly what the boss wants. They do not stop and buy pens, paper, and a text book. No, they take their tools of the trade — baseball bats, clubs, brass knuckles and guns. They go and beat Billy Bob to a pulp. Lennie and Guido didn't need the boss to spell it out for them, they knew what to do.

2. Mob boss No. 2 calls on his followers and tells them to be strong, fight hard, stop the steal and to march down to the Capitol and take back their country. He sent them to teach those congressmen and the vice president a lesson. The followers knew what he wanted and they delivered for the boss.

So what is the difference between mob boss No. 1 and mob boss No. 2? They both are criminals but Boss No. 2 was the President of the United States! Why should he be allowed to just walk away and not be held responsible for his actions?

William Anderson

Myrtle Creek

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