Who is Ann Krimetz? Why do I support her for school board district 4 director--position 7?

As a long term Roseburg resident and voter, I met Ann about 6-8 years ago. She is a very thoughtful, passionate and well informed woman : always willing to listen to all sides of a concern or situation. She has shared information in our social circles on current events- nationally, statewide, and locally, and challenges people to do the research and take action on their principles.

I know Ann has worked in the local school system since moving here and was involved when her four kids were young and in school previously. She has shared her love of working with the Roseburg kids and has extreme concern over the progressive direction, lack of basic academic progress, and behavioral and emotional hurdles they face. The schools opening and closing and teachers in one day and gone the next? How do parents and teachers do it?

Ann home schooled her four children for some parts of their education; so she knows the challenges teachers have faced and wants to support their efforts, and see that they are rewarded for jobs well done.

I think Ann is a well qualified , caring, concerned, common sense conservative; community loving and child and teacher supporter. A great choice for the Roseburg School Board! Please give Ann your vote!

Judy Weaver


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I'm not likely to vote for a school board candidate who home schooled. It seems like a conflict of sensibilities.


Hone schooled her own kids, yet she wants to be on the Roseburg School Board? Why?


Why is progressive now a dirty word? Should we all stay stagnate, letting others pass us by? We have to keep moving, keep progressing forward or we will become obsolete. I want my children to inherit a better world than the one we live in today. It's time to let go of the tired "this is the way it has always been" mentality and do better.

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