Location, Location, Location. Why locate WinCo in the middle of all the other grocery stores? What about Diamond Lake Blvd or downtown? Where's the leadership?

Mike Sherman


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That should be weakest not weest.


Probably the weest part of the WinCo proposal, and what opponents should zero in on, is the traffic issue. That area is already a mess.

Ask this: What was Costco required to do when they built their store? Like there are more lanes, intersections, traffic lights etc.


There is one lane in either direction on Stephens in front of Costco. There are two direct entrances on Stephens. There's one off-location intersection to turn left on with a light to get back onto Stephens. I shop Costco, and there is never a traffic problem (just a "no Polish sausage" problem).

Stewart Parkway is two lanes is each direction already. One controlled intersection already exists, as does the existing right-turn-only opportunity.

There is absolutely nothing about Roseburg streets that I could even remotely label as "a mess." As I see it, the most traffic drama in the area happens on Renann St. by McDonald's customers wanting to cut over to the left turn lane onto Stewart --- all because they refuse to drive the extra 120 feet or so to the farther exist.


This is a capitalist society. The city can't tell a business where it should locate as long as their chosen place conforms with the law. Sometimes the Big Brains in business make mistakes, sometimes they choose wisely.

Pretty sure WinCo doesn't care if their new store harms Sherm's or the other two stores. If they were able to drive Sherm's out of business in Roseburg, it would be considered a success. Private enterprise is cut-throat. Albertson's and Walmart are big enough to stand up to competition. Sherm's is a local Southern Oregon concern with 4 or 5 stores. The owners are in their 80s. I love Sherm's and hope customers remain loyal.

Some years ago, before Walmart and Albertson's were located along that stretch, there was a controversy over two or three grocery stores being located there. There was a Food World that was sold to Sherm's. I believe Ray's (could be a different store) wanted to locate nearby and the Planning Commission said no, we didn't need two grocery stores side by side. I like Ray's too so I was disappointed.

No predicting if the Planning Commission will say yes or no to the location this time around. Usually it will say no only if there's some outrageous violation of LUDO or if nearby homeowners and businesses file remonstrances that conform with LUDO.

It would be much better for the entire city if the stores were spread out for the convenience of consumers living toward the edges of town. But stores will go to the locations that are best for them. We have to live with that.

I'm not opposed to WinCo or the location. I am opposed to the idea of not requiring WinCo to pay for street improvements. The stretch of Stewart Parkway from the intersection of Edenbower on up towards the mall is already near failing during busy times of the day. Taxpayers shouldn't have to subsidize a company worth 3 billion dollars.


There are Three - count 'em - THREE grocery stores within two feet of this location. So we need yet another empty building or two???


@Rise722...Seems like you've been having a bad time making sense of reality since last November. Don't like much of anything lately, do 'ya?


How many fast food restaurants are in two miles of each other on Garden Valley.


My thoughts exactly! Put the store somewhere it is needed.


You put the store where the traffic is. Location location location indeed!


Oh the traffic! Roseburg shoots itself in the foot when it comes to creating traffic. The increasing traffic outgrew the streets several decades ago, but apparently even the mere notion of a cross-town freeway is never to be mentioned. To do so causes City Public Works to cuss and spit on the ground.


Cross-town freeway? !!


deja, you read alarmed. I'm informed there's absolutely no way a cross-town freeway could be placed, say, from Garden Valley/Hucrest area out to Diamond Lake Blvd. It would sure clear the traffic off Stephens and east Garden Valley though. Admittedly they do change the way the city would look, Roseburg would begin to look like Eugene.

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