We have been lied to since the beginning of COVID. You don't need masks, need masks, you are safe outside, no hide indoors, etc. The media has been complicit in this, running articles not just scaring people about what to do and being vaccinated but vilifying those with concerns about the vaccine and the unvaccinated. We've also been lied to about what medicines may help should you get COVID. Hydroxychloroquine is FDA approved, used to treat malaria, yet when it was suggested it might help, what was done? Doctors and hospitals were forbidden from trying or using it. President Trump mentioned it so it had to be bad.

Now it's ivermectin. As with mainstream media, the News-Review ran a half page article that it's for animals. Really? We test drugs on animals before using them on humans. Plus deep in the article it states it is used on people. The point is, it might help so why not try it. It is also FDA approved, almost no side effects and in some hospitals when given to patients near death in combination with other treatments, the patients recovered. If you were deathly ill with COVID, wouldn't you want to try every available means to cure you? I would. How many people might not have died if doctors were allowed to try these.

From the beginning, COVID has been mismanaged. People have suffered and died for it. It troubles me that media and "experts" continue to stigmatize drugs that possibly could help. You have to ask yourself, why?

Henry Frost


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News in QAnon world today: Veronica Wolski, a Covid denier known for hanging QAnon signs on bridges, died of Covid last night. QAnon believers, led by Lin Wood, had been deluging the hospital with demands that she receive ivermectin. Cops were called last night amid bomb threats.

This is what far right wing politics has spawned.


As long as there isn’t a agreed on proven treatment the government gets to misuse the emergency declaration for imposing the vaccines on all.

It’s all about the money! Covid is big $$$$$


Uhhh, who is supposed to be making money, Pfizer? Not seeing anything current on that. Are you shooting from the hip? Wanna post a link to your information?


Chris Wallace Grills GOP Guv: Why Do You Oppose Vaccine Mandates for COVID but Not Chickenpox?



The shot is free. If you survive the virus, the hospital bill will kill you. That is the only money care about.


Bleach, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin...all miracle treatments touted by conspiracy theorisst and those seeking to capitalize on a frightened population. What's next? Slaughtering a goat under the full moon? We have viable vaccines. We know that masking works. Why pursue these dangerous unproven treatments when there are known and reliable preventatives at hand? Willful ignorance does not play well in any situation. During a pandemic, it threatens all our lives.




cipherself: exactly. Though I think you ought to have also suggested burning feathers and chanting. Those are as effective as some of the "miracle treatments" and a whole lot safer.

The efficacy of the vaccines is very nearly in the "miracle" ballpark; we had hoped for maybe 70% ab initio, and got 95%. The efficacy of monoclonal antibodies is robust. The efficacy of ivermectin is either nil or tiny. And TFG's "very powerful light" shoved god-knows-where, is still untested.

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