Thank you to David Grotkin for his very informative Dec. 12 letter to Public Forum (The News-Review) on the subject of the "so-called" greater Idaho proposition. Mr. Grotkin has presented some serious issues to take into consideration regarding the proposal to add some of Oregon to Idaho.

I have a question: If adding a portion of Oregon to Idaho and referring to it as "greater Idaho" increases the greatness of Idaho, wouldn't it be wiser to keep the greatness in Oregon? Just asking...

I have nothing against Idaho. It is a beautiful state. I simply prefer Oregon and appreciate the fact that we pay no sales taxes on the items we purchase. I have always believed that sales tax is blind because it does not take into consideration the ability of the purchaser to pay. Actually, only the income tax comes close to being fair when it comes to ability to pay. And even with income tax certain exemptions apply.

Another question comes to mind: Wouldn't all of the voters in Oregon need to agree to allow a portion of Oregon to join Idaho? The same goes for all of the voters in Idaho. Perhaps some of them do not want to support this scheme.

One more question and then I'll quit: What is the real agenda of the greater Idaho group of people? After all, if they love Idaho, they are free to move to Idaho.

Anna Burton


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I'm tired of Portland - I would love to go with this proposal.

D Steel

When you tire of Boise, where will you go next? North Idaho???

Publicus Tacitus

Given enough time the ignorance and arrogance of Portland politics will eventually make the place uninhabitable. Even a coyote has the sense not mess in their own den. Mad at injustice? Burn it all down…Smart thinking?


I think many people would be okay with you going with that proposal. I bet you could change a mind or two if you put your money and time into it.

Huge bbfan

Oregon gave up its greatness a long time ago. Specifically when they instituted the mail in ballot .


Once again bbfan you make no sense. I guess you mean more people voting is a bad idea? Until Trump began whining about mail in ballots I never heard one person in Oregon complain of our way of voting.

E.V. Debs


E.V. Debs

Now that is really stupid. You've outdone yourself. Should no one be allowed to vote other than those who could take time out from clipping coupons to drive to the polling place in a Ferrari?


Anna, as per Google: "To change a boundary between two existing states, state governments of the two states would have to both agree, probably by each passing suitable legislation, and then ask Congress to make it official." It would be a long process that most likely would not pass Oregon legislation.

What's more is that the Greater Oregon website contains answers in the FAQ (frequently asked questions) that state, "...Only 25% of Oregonians who are registered to vote are registered Republican." And when asked, "why don't you just move to Idaho, the answer begins with: "Our families pioneered these counties, so we don’t want to leave the land. We love our communities." I'd have to reply, ALL Oregon pioneer families love the land and their communities and do not feel they need to give up their part of Oregon to Idaho.

And I have to say here that their website appears so similar to the current grift being done by a twice impeached, ex-president who feels it's up to his loyalists to support him but he needs to lie about what donations are used for. He continues to lie about the use of donations. His loyalists continue to donate to support his living and legal expenses rather than supposed Republican causes because the ex-president is not a true Republican but rather a dictator working toward turning the U.S. into Russia.

"Douglas County voters had a chance to vote on a non-binding measure on whether they'd like to pursue the "Greater Idaho" plan in November of 2020, and they soundly rejected the matter." - as per Newswatch 12 ABC KDRV dot com. Here's their article on the movement including what will be on May, 2022's ballot:

E.V. Debs


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