Fred Dayton Jr.

As chairman of the Douglas County Republican Party, I am being asked for my observations on the current presidential election. Some of the economic newsletters suggest that we are experiencing a paradigm shift.

What does a paradigm shift really mean? I realize how few people understand this concept. This nation was created as a Republic and not as a Democracy. In trying to explain it, the further we have moved from the concept of a Republic and towards a Democracy, the more our liberty is being eroded. How many people know today that United States senators were intended to be elected by state legislators and only the representatives would be elected by popular vote?

Where does that take us? In 1913, the Federal Reserve was created providing a central bank that was never intended by the framers of the Constitution. Also in 1913, the federal income tax was adopted.

When Earl Warren became chief justice of the Supreme Court, it was the “kiss of death” for rural counties. His anger from being governor of California and having his liberal programs stopped by rural senators led to the Supreme Court handing down “one man, one vote” and thus the rural balance in state government was lost.

Following the end of World War II, many of our elected officials were veterans who believed that at all costs, another world war must be avoided. If you couple this with the development of the atomic bomb, you start to understand their concern. The problem with this philosophy was that it led to a lot of bad decisions. We had a series of small wars to avoid a bigger war. Communism needed to be stopped. That line was Vietnam. Unpopular wars are very destructive to a nation.

People who viewed the “fear of a major war” as a means to a more powerful central government and greater central planning, used this as an opportunity to implement their philosophy.

Has the public reached their breaking point? Is this the paradigm shift? Is unnecessary government interference in the life of the citizen so great that the country has chosen to elect a man with no political experience, to protect them from an out-of-control government? Yes, the Republicans will control the House, the Senate, and the White House. This is cause for great optimism for the future of our nation’s BREXIT. Great Britain has chosen to break away from the European Union. Donald Trump has been elected, bringing a business background to the White House. Are we ready to put checks and balances on an out of control government?

Those of you who are familiar with Richard Maybury, writer of The Early Warning Report, know he tells us there are two laws that allow civilization to function, respect all people and their property and do what you have agreed to do. If you look carefully at these, you will see they are the basis of common law upon which this country was founded. They even represent the basis of the Ten Commandments.

Is this where the paradigm shift could take us, thus expanding liberty and opportunity for all?

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Fred Dayton of Roseburg is the chairman of the Douglas County Republican Party.

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Failing to see a driving point behind this article. Interesting point about Earl Warren and eroding the functioning of a republic, but I'd suspect that efforts to do that extend before him. If the point is a paradigm shift = voting literally anyone into office, regardless of experience -just- because they have the R in front of their name, that's foolishly reactionary.

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