It has now been 58 straight days of violent criminal behavior in Portland. Violent criminals, not protesters, have been committing the crimes of arson, felony assault, assaulting a peace officer while performing his duties and many lesser crimes.

They, antifa, anarchists, or just plain criminals are doing these crimes nightly by throwing or launching fireworks, frozen water bottles, bricks, concrete chunks, marbles, ball bearings and lasers at police. They barricaded the doors to the courthouse while it was occupied and then set fire to it. Dozens of police have been injured and some may suffer permanent eye damage from the lasers.

There are two things I find very troubling about this insurrection. The first is the way the mainstream media has avoided showing us this violence. If you really want to see this violence, you have to go to the web or Facebook, where you can see it all. It is important that we see it to know it for what it is. It most certainly is not what we have been told.

The second thing is that people in responsible positions are mischaracterizing what is happening. Sen. Wyden recently commented on the "protester" that was shot in the head by a rubber bullet or submunition. That appeared to be his main concern, not the injured police officers, or the damage to the city and cost to taxpayers. Mayor Wheeler wants the president to remove federal officers and says he thinks they are causing the violence.

He does not understand their jurisdiction is nationwide, as is the president's. The president's job is to suppress insurrection and protect Americans. Law and order is the job of all our elected officials, because the alternative is chaos or tyranny.

William Miller


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Ahhh...resort to name-calling instead of addressing the issue....typical Liberal attack....


Rise722 Jul 25, 2020 9:16am

Wheelless and Brown-nose want the riots.

Rise722 Jul 23, 2020 9:43am

Our governor is a disgrace - and a liar.


Didn't Dallas Heard go meet with the terrorists who occupied the Malheur reserve? Is he heading up to Portland to meet with the protesters?


It's funny hearing some Douglas County residents talk about what's happening in Portland but they were all warm and tingly during the Malheur Refuge takeover. Imagine if Obama had sent unmarked goons in to breakup the situation. Douglas County right wingers would have gone ballistic.

One of the commenters here said people voting strictly by parties was the major problem today. I disagree. I think critical thinking is sorely lacking in a large segment of people.


It is also funny that, instead of trying to refute Mr. Miller's points, you resort to a 'whataboutism'. Logically fallacious!


It's not a whataboutism. It's a look at what a bunch of stinking hypocrites you right wingers are. Portland didn't need demented Donald Trump's goon squad there. It has only aggravated the situation. Trump only did it to get the blood boiling of his Pavlov dog supporters.


Incredible! Amazing how warped a person's perception of what LAW & ORDER should look like.....


I seem to remember you saying "what about Sweden" when advocating herd immunity. Not so much anymore.




I don't recall the Malheur group looting and burning and attacking law enforcement. What did Idmess?


They trashed the place lady!

New photos of Oregon wildlife refuge reveal damage done by Bundy standoff

This article is more than 4 years old

Photos released by Fish and Wildlife Service show protesters trashed buildings and damaged facilities, with the occupation’s overall costs running at least $6m

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