Steelhead limits go state wide in January

Anglers around Oregon’s Southwest Zone are subject to harvest limitations on winter steelhead, the Oregon department of Fish and Wildlife said in a press release on Friday,

In August, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted a regulation to decrease the wild winter steelhead harvest limit in Southwest Zone rivers from one per day/five per season to one per day/three per season. However, this regulation is not in effect until Jan. 1, 2019.

The Umpqua River and many other Southwest Zone streams remain closed to wild winter steelhead harvest.

Other coastal rivers with wild winter steelhead harvest retain the one and five limit through the end of the year. They include the Chetco, Elk, Illinois, Pistol, Sixes and Winchuck rivers, and Euchre and Hunter creeks.

The Rogue River opens for wild winter steelhead harvest January 1 from the mouth up to Hog Creek.

Beginning Jan. 1 for all rivers and streams in the Southwest Zone where wild winter steelhead harvest is allowed, the regulations convert to the one per day/three per season harvest limit.

Information: 541-247-7605.


Crabbing season along coastline put on hold

Commercial Dungeness crab season will be delayed until at least Dec. 31 along the entire Oregon coast after testing showed crabs too low in meat yield, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said in a press release.

Crab quality testing in late November and early December showed multiple areas within the Tri-State region still did not meet the criteria for an opening. The delayed opening will allow crabs to fill in with more meat.

Commercial crabbing season usually starts on Dec. 1.

Testing will continue to determine if the season should open Dec. 31, be further delayed, or be split into two areas with different opening dates. In conjunction with the delayed ocean commercial season, commercial harvest of Dungeness crab in Oregon bays is now closed for the remainder of the year.

Infiormation: Troy Buell, ODFW, 541-867 0300, ext. 225.

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