Weekend fishing opportunities:

• Steelhead anglers continue to catch bright steelhead in the deeper pools of the South Fork Coquille River.

• The best steelhead fishing in the Umpqua will be in the main, where anglers are still catching a few fish in spite of low water levels.

• It will be a good weekend for trout anglers, as several area waterbodies are scheduled to be stocked this week, including Cooper Creek Reservoir, Marie Lake, Garrison Lake, Reinhart Park Pond, Willow Lake, Galesville Reservoir, Ben Irving Reservoir, Powers Pond, Selmac Lake, Lost Creek Reservoir, Look Lake and Emigrant Reservoir.


Umpqua Winter Steelhead Study

If you harvest a hatchery winter steelhead in the Umpqua Basin, please turn in the snouts from those fish. Some of these snouts contain small tags, which are not externally visible. Anglers who turn in snouts with these tags are entered into a raffle for a $50 gift card.

Snout collection barrels are located around the basin, Sportsman’s Warehouse in Roseburg, or the Roseburg ODFW office. Tags obtained from the fish will inform ODFW on the best hatchery release timing strategy to provide the most fish back to anglers in the future.

Mainstem Umpqua River wild spring Chinook closure

The mainstem Umpqua River is closed to retention of all wild spring Chinook in 2020. Harvest of hatchery Chinook remains open. The North Umpqua also remains open to Chinook under permanent rule. In the North Umpqua, anglers may harvest two wild Chinook per day and ten per year from Feb. 1 through June 30.

BEN IRVING RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, bass, bluegill, yellow perch, crappie

Anglers should have good luck with rainbows as Ben Irving was stocked this past week. Warmwater fishing has likely slowed a bit as the weather gets cooler.

ODFW has been working with local volunteers to place warmwater fish habitat in Ben Irving. Structures called “spider blocks” were placed last weekend northwest of the host house.

COOPER CREEK RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, bass, bluegill, coho and Chinook smolts

Anglers should be picking up a few trout. The lake was stocked the week of March 2 and is scheduled to be stocked this week.

Warmwater fishing has been decent with a few fish being picked up.

In the last several years, Cooper has been stocked with coho and Chinook salmon juveniles (20,000 coho in 2019). These are often mistaken for kokanee. Anglers may retain up to 5 salmon juveniles in the reservoir as part of their daily trout bag limit. Please remember to release salmon and trout less than 8 inches.


With variable winter conditions, fishing at Diamond is tough to predict. A recent report showed anglers having success on the ice. Moderately low temperatures are forecasted for the weekend with some snow as well.

Make sure to contact Diamond Lake Lodge for up-to-date conditions. Anglers can check fishing and water conditions at Diamond Lake on the Diamond Lake Resort Facebook page, or call 541-793-3333 for updates. Diamond Lake is open year-round. Anglers should also check with the Umpqua National Forest (541-498-2531) for information on seasonal camp and ramp closures.

Diamond Lake has been stocked with tiger and brown trout. These fish are intended to assist in controlling illegally introduced tui chub. These trout are catch-and-release only and need to be released immediately and unharmed if caught.

FORD’S POND: largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, bluegill, crappie

This shallow pond supports populations of warmwater fish. Bass fishing looks like it’s picking up. In addition to bass, there are other warmwater fish species that can make for a fun outing.

Ford’s Pond (just west of Sutherlin) was purchased by the city of Sutherlin in 2016. The pond is open to the public and has a lot of bank access. Ford’s is restricted to electric motors and does not have access for boats on a trailer.

GALESVILLE RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, bass

Galesville was stocked with trout the week of March 2 and is on the scheduled again this week.

Fishing should be good with the fish being concentrated since the lake is 30 feet below full pool. The most recent report was launching a boat is possible. Call 541-837-3302 for information on camping and boat launching conditions. Check out the Lake Level Gage for more information.

In Galesville Reservoir, all landlocked salmon are considered trout and are part of the five-per-day trout limit, with only one trout over 20 inches long allowed for harvest.

HEMLOCK LAKE & LAKE IN THE WOODS (Douglas County): trout

With cool and possibly snowy weather, the lakes might be difficult to access and fishing might be slow. A recent report mentioned a vehicle getting stuck near Hemlock Lake.

Anglers fishing the high lakes in the Umpqua District are encouraged to e-mail fishing reports. Contact the Forest Service at 541-496-3532 for road conditions and potential road closures. Remember to only keep trout at least 8 inches long, and only one trout over 20 inches per day.

LEMOLO RESERVOIR: brown trout, rainbow trout, kokanee

The lake was last stocked before Labor Day. Fishing is likely slow with winter conditions.

Kokanee in Lemolo are considered trout and therefore fall under the daily limit for trout of 5 per day with only one of those measuring over 20 inches.

Contact Lemolo Lake Resort at 541-643-0750 for weather/road conditions and additional information.

LOON LAKE: rainbow trout, bass, bluegill, crappie

Loon was stocked with trout the week of March 2 and is scheduled for this week as well, so fishing should be good.

Fishing for crappie, bluegill and bass should be slow with cooler temperatures. Slower presentations such as jigging can be a good technique.

Visit the Loon Lake Resort website for information on opening dates and camping. The BLM site is closed.

PACIFIC OCEAN AND BEACHES: bottomfish, salmon, halibut, surfperch

Bottomfishing is now open to fish at all depths. Fishing for lingcod has been good when anglers can get out on the ocean. The daily bag limit for marine fish is 5 of which only one can be a copper, quillback or China rockfish. Anglers are also allowed 2 lingcod per day. The harvest of cabezon will not open until July 1.

Anglers are also allowed 2 lingcod per day. The harvest of cabezon will not open until July 1.

Anglers may also choose to fish the offshore longleader fishery outside of the 40-fathom regulatory line, which is open year round. The longleader fishery has a daily bag limit of 10 fish made of yellowtail, widow, canary, blue, deacon, redstripe, greenstripe, silvergray, chillipepper, and bocaccio rockfish. No other groundfish are allowed and offshore longleader fishing trips cannot be combined with traditional bottomfish, flatfish or halibut trips. Find information about a longleader setup here.

When conditions are good, surfperch anglers have been catching a few redtail surfperch from the beaches using sand shrimp or Berkley Gulp sand worms. Surfperch anglers fishing near the jetties have been catching a few striped surfperch.

Both halibut and ocean salmon fishing are now closed.

PLAT I RESERVOIR: bass, trout

Some warmwater species are likely being caught, but it can be fairly slow this time of year.

This reservoir was stocked with trout the week of March 4. This is the only time it will be stocked this year. With temperatures in excess of 80 in the summer, the trout likely wouldn’t survive the summer months.

SMITH RIVER, Umpqua: steelhead

Smith River opened up to Bridge 10 on the North Fork and Sisters Creek on the mainstem on Dec. 1.

There should be some steelhead throughout most of the system. The river is fairly low and clear. Smaller presentations are better in low clear water. The Smith sees only light pressure for most of the season and can provide a great experience for anglers looking to get away from the crowds.

TOKETEE LAKE: brown trout, rainbow trout

Fishing is open in Toketee year-round, but it’s currently pretty slow. Winter conditions may limit access. Water levels can fluctuate making launching boats difficult so contact the U.S. Forest Service at 541-498-2531 for lake level information.


Snow will likely be found at most of the higher lakes and winter conditions may result in slow fish activity. Contact the Forest Service at 541-496-3532 for road conditions as lakes may still be difficult to access.

Lakes typically accessible from hiking trails and that were stocked in the last couple years are: Calamut, Connie, Bullpup, Fuller, Cliff, Buckeye, Maidu, Pitt, Wolfe and Skookum lakes.

Clearwater Forebay Two can be a great place to fish as well with brook trout and rainbow available.

Red Top Pond offers excellent bank fishing opportunities was stocked in the last week of August. In addition, there should be plenty of holdover legal-size trout from previous stockings in these waterbodies. Anglers fishing the high lakes in the Umpqua District are encouraged to e-mail fishing reports.


Chinook fishing is open, but usually doesn’t pick up ‘til late March. Wild harvest of Chinook is closed in 2020 in the main. Hatchery harvest is still allowed.

Steelhead fishing has been decent throughout the main. The river is dropping and more anglers are focusing on the main and drift fishing. A lot of anglers fish the main by “plunking.” This is usually a good strategy for water that is high and has more color.

Make sure to turn in snouts from hatchery steelhead for a chance to win a gift card. Snout collection barrels are found at Scott Cr, Sawyers Rapids, Elkton, Yellow Creek, Osprey, James Woods, Umpqua, Cleveland, and River Forks boat ramps.

Trout fishing is currently closed on the Main and its tributaries, but will reopen next Memorial Day.

UMPQUA RIVER, NORTH: steelhead, trout

The river is fairly low for this time of year. Most boat anglers are not fishing the North right now as it is too low. Try smaller presentations during low clear water conditions.

The North is open to Chinook fishing under permanent rule. Anglers may harvest up to 10 wild Chinook per year and two per day. However, fishing usually doesn’t pick up till April.

Some of the North Umpqua and tributaries are open for trout (those above Slide Creek Dam): check the fishing regulations to see which areas are closed.

Note that as of Oct. 1, fishing in the fly water area is restricted to the use of a single, barbless, artificial fly.


Fishing has been decent for those fishing from the bank. Very low river conditions may make floating most of the South difficult.

Make sure to turn in snouts from hatchery fish for a chance to win a gift card.

Snout collection barrels can be found at Douglas County Fairgrounds, Happy Valley, Lookingglass, Myrtle Creek, Lawson Bar, Stanton boat ramps and Seven Feathers access area.

Tom Eggers can be reached at or 541-957-4220.

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