Three Glide players and two Reedsport players received first-team all-league honors in Class 2A Special District 4 football.

Representing Glide on the first team were senior tight end Colby Pope, senior wide receiver/defensive back Colby Bucich and senior defensive lineman Jaden Rondeau.

Junior offensive lineman Micah Hill and senior punter Derek Johnson of Reedsport were first-team picks.

Senior running back Gunner Yates of Coquille was selected Offensive Player of the Year, while senior Gavin Patterson of Lakeview was the Defensive Player of the Year.

Special District 4

Football All-League


First Team

QUARTERBACK — Reef Barry, sr., Bandon. RUNNING BACKS — Gunner Yates, sr., Coquille; Gavin Patterson, sr., Lakeview; Denver Blackwell, sr., Bandon. TIGHT END — Colby Pope, sr., Glide. WIDE RECEIVERS — Cooper Lang, sr., Bandon; Colby Bucich, sr., Glide; Max Graham, sr., Lakeview. CENTER — Wyatt Julian, jr., Lakeview. LINEMEN — Patrick Adams, sr., Coquille; Hunter Greer, jr., Lakeview; Johnny Helms, sr., Bandon; Micah Hill, jr., Reedsport; Christian Moody, jr., Rogue River. KICKER — Justin Parker, fr., Illinois Valley.

Second Team

QUARTERBACK — Benny Alves, soph., Lakeview. RUNNING BACKS — Brock Willis, sr., Coquille; Braxton Dill, sr., Glide; Said McWillie, jr., Rogue River; Chris Butler, sr., Bandon. TIGHT END — Waylon Messerle, fr., Coquille. WIDE RECEIVERS — Collin Markus, sr.. Lakeview; Dylan Damewood, jr., Glide; Alleric Cosgrove, sr., Rogue River; Skyler Wylie, sr., Illinois Valley; Jose Martinez, sr., Reedsport. CENTER — Marcus Lologo, sr., Glide. LINEMEN — Tom Riley, sr., Coquille; Dylan Kamph, jr., Bandon; Shane Vance, sr., Lakeview; Aaron Miller, sr., Illinois Valley; Jaden Rondeau, sr., Glide. KICKER — Greg Havely, sr., Lakeview.

Honorable Mention

County Selections Only

QUARTERBACK — Dylan Ackerman, sr., Glide. RUNNING BACK — Aaron Solomon, sr., Reedsport. CENTER — Michael Joy, sr., Reedsport.


First Team

LINEMEN — Tom Riley, jr., Coquille; Hunter Greer, jr., Lakeview; Conner Divine, jr., Bandon; Jaden Rondeau, sr., Glide. LINEBACKERS — Gunner Yates, sr., Coquille; Gavin Patterson, sr., Lakeview; Morgan Ludwig, sr., Lakeview; Cooper Lang, sr., Bandon. BACKS — Hunter Layton, jr., Coquille; Denver Blackwell, sr., Bandon; Collin Markus, sr., Lakeview; Colby Bucich, sr., Glide; Sam Hess, sr., Illinois Valley. PUNTERS — Sam Haag, jr., Rogue River; Derek Johnson, sr., Reedsport; Greg Havely, sr., Lakeview.

Second Team

LINEMEN — Grady Arriola, sr., Coquille; Shane Vance, sr., Lakeview; Christian Moody, jr., Rogue River; Jose Martinez, sr., Reedsport. LINEBACKERS — Brock Willis, sr., Coquille; Hayden GeDeros, jr., Coquille; Max Graham, sr., Lakeview; Perrin Nelson, jr., Rogue River. BACKS — Johnny Huffman, sr., Coquille; Said McWillie, jr., Rogue River; Alleric Cosgrove, sr., Rogue River; Reef Barry, sr., Bandon. PUNTER — Dylan Kamph, jr., Bandon.

Honorable Mention

County Selections Only

LINEMEN — Brock Barron Pereira, soph., Glide; Avery Brandon, sr., Reedsport. LINEBACKERS — Derek Johnson, sr., Reedsport; Gabe Foster, jr., Reedsport. BACKS — Adam Solomon, sr., Reedsport; Dylan Ackerman, sr., Glide.

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