Cherill and Jack Tannehill are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year.

When the pair got married in 1969 they owned two vehicles, a 1963 Ford Falcon nicknamed “Baby Doll”, and a 1965 Plymouth Fury II.

Baby Doll was Cherill’s car. “She was a light brown, two-door with three on the tree and a 144 six engine,” she said. “Power and speed were not her specialties but she was very dependable and economical.”

Jack’s blue four-door Plymouth became the couples traveling car, which they took on their honeymoon. Baby Doll became the grocery shopping car.

“After all, as poor college newlyweds, we were on a limited budget even if regular gasoline was only 35 cents per gallon,” Cherill said.

The couple moved to Roseburg in 1971, with both cars, from Moscow, Idaho.

The following spring they traded in their two cars for a brand-new Toyota station wagon.

“I always wondered what happened to Baby Doll,” Cherill said.

When Roseburg Graffiti began in the 1980s the family always came as spectators.

“We’d set up our lawn chairs behind the Elks building in the shade and watch all the vintage cars roll by,” Cherill said. “Never once did I ever see Baby Doll. And never once did we ever think about owning a classic car. We were having too much fun just viewing all the old cars.”

Until the Graffiti cruise of 2014, when a bright yellow 1964 Falcon drove by with a for sale sign in the window.

The car was sold before the Tannehills had a chance to drive it, but Cherill started searching for a similar car on Craigslist.

It was there that she found a 1961 Ford Falcon. The couple drove down to Grants Pass to negotiate the price.

“It included a stipulation that we’d have fun with it,” Cherill said. “And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing after giving it some needed TLC attention.”

They nicknamed the “new” Falcon Baby Orange due to her bright color. Baby Orange is a 1961 4-door Falcon Deluxe with a Fordamatic, and a 170 special engine.

“We enjoy taking friends cruising and stopping at a local drive-in,” Cherill said. “You may have even seen her at local parades, the rest home tour and the downtown cruise.”

Baby Orange will be a part of the July 10 Graffiti Kick Off Show & Shine at the Roseburg V.A.

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