Every Tuesday from March to November, Douglas County Master Gardeners gather at the Victory Garden located at the OSU Extension Discovery Garden next to River Forks Park, to plant, tend and harvest vegetables that are distributed throughout the county.

We call our garden the “Victory Garden” to honor those Americans on the home front of WWI and especially WWII who planted gardens wherever they could. They were aided by government agencies, schools, businesses and many others to help reduce the pressure of feeding the troops overseas by providing food for the civilians at home.

Our Victory Garden was created in the spring of 2010. The garden members transport top quality tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers, onions, garlic, squash and other vegetables to United Community Action Network food bank, where it is weighed and distributed to soup kitchens and food pantries throughout Douglas County. Since the beginning, this garden has contributed 37,376 pounds of food for our community neighbors. 2018’s garden produced 6,263 pound of vegetables, a record for our garden.

We attribute the garden’s success to practicing sustainable gardening techniques, which are taught through the Master Gardener program at the OSU Extension. By using and teaching best demonstrated practices, we can help others grow bountiful gardens, and we can all help feed the hungry in our local communities.

Signs are posted in the garden giving tips on topics such as composting, water conservation and crop rotation. There is even a demonstration garden where people are encouraged to sample the vegetables. We invite you to visit the Victory Garden to learn more.

Thank a veteran!

Diana Circle is the Media Chair for the Douglas County Master Gardeners

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